2011 Flash Range Test

Why is Flash Range important?

     Flash range is important because many animals do most of their "moving around" at night.  In fact, mature deer, in particular bucks, can become almost completely nocturnal.  You can have a camera with a lightning fast trigger speed, wide detection width and great detection range, but what good does that do you at night if you can only see animals out to 25' at night?  That makes your camera useless for 12-14 hours a day!

     Another thing you need to know, is that many trail camera companies are now "cheating" to get better night pictures by holding the exposure time open too long.  This makes the picture bright, but also makes any animal in the photo with any movement completely blurry. 

     For this reason, we have two pictures per camera.  One is to show the flash range (with no movement), the other is with a subject walking at a normal pace through the field of view.  With every infrared camera, you can expect a certain amount of blur with movement, however, you will notice many of the cameras make the moving person almost completely washed out.

Distances marked in feet
How We Ranked the Pictures

     This is the first year we
  have ranked the night pictures (due to popular demand!).  Ranking night pictures is particularly hard, as scores can't be quantified.  However, we ranked based off of two qualifications; actual flash range (how far you can see) and then clarity (how clear is the photo, this refers to how "grainy" the pictures are).

     Please note, the photos are ranked based on non-moving decoys set to different ranges.  We did not account for blurry pictures into the ranking.  The blur photos will be right next to the non-moving photo.  Click on any picture to enlarge.

     To view the Incandescent cameras, please click on 2011 Incandescent Flash Range Test.

Infrared Cameras, First 15 (below)

1. Moultrie M100

Price: $189.95

2. Stealth Cam Rogue IR

Price: $129.95

3. Wildgame Innovations WGX6C

4. Stealth Cam Archer's Choice

Price: $159.95

5. Stealth Cam The Unit

Price: $159.95

6. Wildview Extreme 5

Price: $99.95

7. Primos Truth Cam 60

Price: $179.95

8. Primos Truth Cam X

Price: $279.95

9. Moultrie I45S

Price: $279.95

10. Uway Nighttrakker Nt50ir

Price: $279.95

11. Primos Truth Cam 46

Price: $159.95

12. Reconyx HC500

Price: $449.95

13. Reconyx HC600

Price: $549.95

14. Uway Nighttrakker Nt50b

Price: $329.95

15. Primos Truth Cam 35

Price: $119.95

Infrared Cameras - Last 15