Bushnell X-8 Review

     -Last update 3/11/13Discontinued Camera

Quick Facts

Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:
Detection Range:
Flash Range:
0.866 s
5 s
60 ft.
45 ft.
8 AA
5" x 4" x 2"

Trailcampro Star Rating

3.8 Stars

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  • Excellent trigger speed
  • Bright, clear night infrared pictures
  • Recovers in 5 seconds
  • One of the smaller cameras on the market
  • Grainy day pictures
  • Won't accept Nimh Rechargeable batteries
  • Bottom threaded insert is on the front face of camera
Trailcampro Analysis

     Bushnell continues the recent market trend of packing a ton of value into an ever-shrinking trail camera.  The Bushnell X-8 is placed into the ever popular "value-oriented" price category ($159) and delivers some impressive feats.

     Many times camera companies produce so much new hype for a camera that it is nearly impossible for the model to deliver to the expectations.  The X-8 is nearly on the opposite end of that spectrum.  Bushnell already has some of the best and highest selling cameras on the market, the Trophy Cam's, so the release of the new Bushnell X-8 has nearly gone under the radar completely.

     Bushnell created the X-8 to compete directly with the popular Moultrie M-80 XT.  This competition should lead to having several quality models to choose from in the $150 price range.

Detection Circuit       4.0 Stars

     Quite possibly the most impressive statistic (especially if comparing to the M80 XT) on the X-8 is the super quick 0.866 second trigger time.  This ranks in the 85th percentile of all trail cameras on the market.

     Almost equally as impressive is the 5 second recovery time.  This simply means the camera can take a photo and arm itself for the next photo in 5 seconds.

     The detection zone on the X-8 is wide and consistently detects out to 60 ft.  We have had it detect further, but not as consistently.  The detection circuit on the X-8 is top-notch.

Picture Quality    
  3.3 Stars

      As impressive as the Moultrie M-80 XT's day photos are, the X-8's day photos are as equally unimpressive.  The pictures ended up grainier and blurrier then we would have expected.  In some cases the pictures were a bit dark as well.

     On the flip side, the night pictures are some of the best we have seen for both consistency, sharpness and clarity.  Bushnell nailed it on the head by packing the X-8 with 38 bright infrared emitters instead of cutting corners and simply opening up the exposure time (thus creating blur).  These are some of the best night photos on the market, especially if compared to the blurry, fuzzy photos we are currently seeing from many manufacturers.

Battery Life    
  4.3 Stars

     The low resting current draw means the camera will be able to sit in the woods for long periods of time on scarcely used game trails.  The daytime power consumption is excellent and the nighttime power consumption is even more impressive.  Overall, the battery life will be top of the line.

Resting Current Draw
Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
0.21 ma
395 ma
997 ma

ma = milliamps

     One very important note on the Bushnell X-8's battery life is that the camera does not work with Nimh Rechargeable batteries.  The camera itself is set up for them perfectly, however, the contact points that the batteries match up with do not strike the batteries correctly.  This is a huge oversight in our opinion as we use rechargeables exclusively for their money saving and long life capabilities.  Alkalines or lithiums are your only option.

Ease of Use    
  3.5 Stars

     One of the biggest negatives on the case design was just mentioned with the battery situation.  The other noticeable problem is the threaded insert on the bottom of the case, used to connect to a Slate River Game Mount, is mounted on the front face of the camera.  This is completely backwards as you have to completely move the mount around to open and shut the camera. 

     The programming of the camera is extremely simple and pleasant.  It even has toggle switches on the outside of the programming to quickly adjust both the shutter speed and PIR sensitivity.

     The case itself is made of high grade plastic and the latches clip nicely.  the case is completely weatherproof and will work in any climate.  To date, the durability of this camera has been excellent.

     Overall, this could be an extremely handy tool to have in your trail camera toolbox.  Great detection capabilities, perfect night infrared photos, and solid battery life all packed into one of the smallest cameras on the market.  What this camera does poorly (day photos and inability to use rechargeable batteries), are just the areas that the Moultrie M80 XT excels in.  This gives you the perfect option for whatever situation you will be needing a "value-oriented" trail camera for.
X-8 Sample Photos