Bushnell Game Camera Reviews

These are the current Bushnell trail camera reviews.  Our Bushnell game camera reviews combine comprehensive testing, hands-on research and expert analysis from trail camera professionals.

Read the Bushnell trail camera reviews below to help choose your Bushnell hunting camera.  Each Bushnell review will feature pictures from that Bushnell trail camera.  We include detection statistics, Bushnell trail camera sample photos, battery information and field testing notes.

Bushnell Aggressor HD Red-Glow

4.1 Stars - We love this cameras combination of incredible speed and picture quality.  Not to mention long battery life and an excellent case design.  We currently recommend this camera trap...

From $179.95

Bushnell Aggressor HD No Glow

4.0 Stars - The no glow infrared flash, blinding speed, picture quality and case design has made this one of our favorites.  This is the fastest trail camera currently on the...

From $199.95

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential

3.7 Stars - The Bushnell Essential is fast, easy to program, detects out 90 feet and has long battery life.  The night pictures aren't very bright though. - TCP Staff Read our...

From $119.95

Bushnell HD Wireless

3.5 Stars This cellular trail camera has one glaring weakness.  Night pictures.  The flash range is non-existent.  Everything else is solid, but without the ability to take quality night pictures,...

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