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These are the current Covert Scouting Camera Reviews.  Our Covert trail camera reviews combine comprehensive testing, hands-on research and expert analysis from trail camera professionals.

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Covert Night Stryker

TCP Rating - 80/100 - The Night Stryker posseses fantastic battery life, a great case design and solid images.  However, this camera is abnormally slow to detect and could use...


Covert Night Stalker

TCP Rating: 78/100 - This no glow IR trail camera has a 2" internal viewer and incredible 1 year battery life. The detection circuit still hasn't caught up to modern times with trigger...


Covert Blackhawk 12.0 - Verizon

Rated by TCP Experts: 75/100

TCP Customer Rating

TCP Rating: 75/100  - The Blackhawk is the Verizon version of the Code Black Wireless. This camera will send photos instantly to your email or cell phone. Programming and setup...


Covert Code Black 12.0 - AT&T

Rated by TCP Experts:  70/100

TCP Customer Rating

TCP Rating:  70/100 - The Code Black 12.0 is an AT&T cellular trail camera that sends photos instantly to a website or smartphone app. Programming and setup are stellar, but night pictures are very dark. Make...


Covert Phantom

TCP Rating: 70/100 - This camera lacks long battery life and detection speed.  Outside of that, the Covert Phantom would have scored very well with the quality design and beautiful...


Covert Illuminator

TCP Rating: 78/100 - Color night videos should be what you need if you are looking at the Covert Illuminator.  Unfortunately, the detection speed is relatively slow, so the animals will...

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Covert Outlook

-This red glow trail camera has a 97° field of view - using a fisheye lens to accomplish that.  Day pictures are great, but the camera is slow and has...