Covert Game Camera Reviews

These are the current Covert Scouting Camera Reviews.  Our Covert trail camera reviews combine comprehensive testing, hands-on research and expert analysis from trail camera professionals.

2015 Covert scouting cameras offer a wide variety of models.  There are red glow cameras, no glow cameras, white LED models and even a cellular game camera.

If you are looking for a solid red glow trailcam, read the covert hd 40 reviews (for no glow look at the HD60).  If you need a wide angle f.o.v., read the covert outlook reviews.

Covert Code Black 3G

3.5 Stars - This no glow cellular trail camera would be useful for both security and wildlife applications.  Cellular technology continues to advance, making the setup easier on this model from...

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Covert Extreme HD 40

3.9 Stars - The HD40 stands out in many areas - picture quality, battery life, case design and easy programming.  The slow detection circuit is the only thing holding this...

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Covert Extreme HD 60

3.6 Stars - The night flash has a tendency of overexposing close objects but the battery life, trigger speed and case design keep this no glow trailcam near the top...

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Covert Illuminator

3.5 Stars - Color night videos should be what you need if you are looking at the Covert Illuminator.  Unforunately, the video trigger and recovery times are slow, so make...

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Covert Outlook

3.2 Stars - This red glow trail camera has a 97° field of view - using a fisheye lens to accomplish that.  Day pictures are great, but the camera is...