Primos Game Camera Reviews

    These are the current Primos Trail Camera Reviews.  Our Primos Game Camera reviews combine comprehensive testing, hands-on research and expert analysis from trail camera professionals.

    Primos introduced the Proof Cam trail cameras in 2015.  These cameras have been incredibly popular and offer a great deal of value.  The early 2015 Primos cameras have been hampered by battery terminal issues, which has since been fixed.

    Read the Primos trail camera Reviews below to help choose your Primos hunting camera.  Each Primos review will feature pictures from that Primos camera.  We include detection statistics, Primos trail camera sample photos, battery information and field testing notes.

Primos Proof Cam 03

3.8 Stars - Need a no glow camera that takes incredible day and night pictures?  You'll want to read this review.  The Proof Cam 3 is fast, efficient and programs...

From $149.95

Primos Proof Cam 02

3.8 Stars - We can all agree that this camera produces unbelievable pictures - both day and night.  Combine that with easy programming and long battery life, make this an...

From $129.95

Primos Proof Cam 01

3.6 Stars - This camera trap has one fatal flaw - bad picture quality.  Not many complaints outside of that.  Unfortunately for the Proof Cam 1, a cameras #1 job...

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