Stealth Cam Game Camera Reviews

     These are the current Stealth Trail Camera Reviews.  Our Stealth Cam reviews combine comprehensive testing, hands-on research and expert analysis from trail camera professionals.

     Stealth redesigned many of their trailcams for 2015.  In particular, the Stealth Cam GX45NG saw noticeable improvement in trigger and recovery times.  The GX45NG also has a nice internal viewer, for looking at the pictures the camera has taken.

    Read the Stealth Cam Reviews below to help choose your Stealth Cam hunting camera.  Each of our Stealth game camera reviews will feature pictures from that Stealth camera.  Our Stealth trail camera reviews include detection statistics, sample photos, battery information and field testing notes.

Stealth Cam GX45NG

3.8 Stars - Very fast detection circuit, good battery life and an internal picture viewer should catch your eye.  The night picture quality is below average.  - TCP Staff Read...


Stealth Cam RX36

3.1 Stars - Poor pictures, short flash range and average detection circuit make the RX36 sub-standard.  Battery life and small size aren't enough to keep its head above water.  -...


 Stealth Cam Trail Camera Reviews

Stealth trail cameras have made tremendous advancements in technology and performance the last several years. Our Stealth Cam reviews are intended to highlight the pros and cons of each model.

We will continue to update our Stealth reviews as the new 2016 Stealth cameras become available. We plan on reviewing the Stealth GXW-Wireless, the Stealth G-Pro series and the ZX Series of 2016 Stealth cameras.

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