2016 Best Trail Camera Reviews

Top Game Camera Reviews of 2016

     Whether you need a new hunting camera, security camera or a dozen new camera traps for your wildlife research project; we hope our trail camera reviews help you find the best trail camera in your budget.

     Every game camera review is completed with an unbiased eye and years of experience.  Throughout the year, as new firmware versions are released or new problems arise, we update each trail camera review to match what your current expectations should be for that model.

     You can sort through all the scouting camera reviews below by category, brand or price.  So if you are looking for cellular trail camera reviews, just sort by that option below.  

Reconyx Hyperfire SC950

4.5 Stars - This is the best trail camera money can buy - taking pictures at blazing speeds, producing crystal clear photos and lasting months on end on a set of batteries....

From $649.95

Reconyx Hyperfire HC500

4.4 Stars - Made in America, the HC500 may cost a lot, but it will work for years and years to come.  Oh by the way, it is crazy fast, takes...

From $449.95

Reconyx Hyperfire HC600

4.4 Stars - Made in the U.S.A., the HC600 combines no glow infrared, with incredible detection capabilities, easy setup and long term durability.  It may cost a small fortune, but this...

From $549.95

Bushnell Aggressor HD Red-Glow

4.1 Stars - We love this cameras combination of incredible speed and picture quality.  Not to mention long battery life and an excellent case design.  We recommended this camera trap over...

From $179.95

Bushnell Aggressor HD No Glow

4.0 Stars - The no glow infrared flash, blinding speed, picture quality and case design has made this one of our favorites in 2015.  This was the fastest trail camera on...

From $199.95

Reconyx UltraFire XR6

4.0 Stars - Initially this camera jumps off the page from its price and slow trigger speeds.  However, it will win you over if you like videos.  The processor in this...

From $599.95

Covert Extreme HD 40

3.9 Stars - The HD40 stands out in many areas - picture quality, battery life, case design and easy programming.  The slow detection circuit is the only thing holding this...

From $189.95

Primos Proof Cam 02

3.8 Stars - We can all agree that this camera produces unbelievable pictures - both day and night.  Combine that with easy programming and long battery life, make this an...

From $129.95

Primos Proof Cam 03

3.8 Stars - Need a no glow camera that takes incredible day and night pictures?  You'll want to read this review.  The Proof Cam 3 is fast, efficient and programs...

From $149.95

Stealth Cam GX45NG

3.8 Stars - Very fast detection circuit, good battery life and an internal picture viewer should catch your eye.  The night picture quality will probably worry you though.  - TCP...


Moultrie M-880i Gen2

3.7 Stars - Consider this the most underrated trailcam from 2015.  Fantastic picture quality and long battery life should have made this a top performer.  We still don't like the...

From $169.95
Out of Stock

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential

3.7 Stars - The Bushnell Essential is fast and battery efficient, however, the picture quality makes this trail camera lag behind similar models.  For a few extra bucks, we would...

From $149.95

Moultrie M-990i Gen2

3.6 Stars - Need a no glow trail camera with a built in picture viewer?  Keep reading...  Picture quality and battery life are strengths that help offset the poor case...

From $199.95
Out of Stock

Browning Spec Ops FHD

3.6 Stars - This no glow camera excels in trail camera videos.  The video quality is fantastic, but the picture quality lags far behind.  Buy this camera if you plan on...

From $179.95

Covert Extreme HD 60

3.6 Stars - The night flash has a tendency of overexposing close objects but the battery life, trigger speed and case design keep this no glow trailcam near the top...

From $209.95

Moultrie M-880 Gen2

3.6 Stars - The M-880 Gen2 is a red glow trailcam that takes great night pictures and will last months on a set of batteries.  Keep the owners manual handy...

From $149.95

Primos Proof Cam 01

3.6 Stars - This camera trap has one fatal flaw - bad picture quality.  Not many complaints outside of that.  Unfortunately for the Proof Cam 1, a cameras #1 job...

Out of Stock

Spypoint Force 12

3.3 Stars - Picture quality isn't bad, but it isn't great either.  Trigger speed is good, but it recovers in over 5 seconds.  Many parts of the case design feel...

Out of Stock

Spypoint Iron 9

3.3 Stars - Flash range and slow recovery time hold the Iron 9 back.  It does have a fast trigger and long battery life, but we don't think that keeps...

Out of Stock

Covert Outlook

3.2 Stars - This red glow trail camera has a 97° field of view - using a fisheye lens to accomplish that.  Day pictures are great, but the camera is...


Stealth Cam RX36

3.1 Stars - Poor pictures, short flash range and average detection circuit make the RX36 sub-standard.  Battery life and small size aren't enough to keep its head above water.  -...


Moultrie M-550 Gen2

3.1 Stars - The M550 has way more cons than pros.  The camera is slow, takes poor pictures and has a weird case design.  It does get good battery life...


Reconyx Hyperfire SM750

4.2 Stars - This camera is good at one thing - taking pictures of license plates at night.  It really doesn't do anything else, but it is the only license plate...

From $649.95

Reconyx UltraFire WR6 - White Flash

4.1 Stars - This white LED game camera is known for one thing, unbelievable video quality.  Plus, the night video remains in color.  This camera is slow though, so don't be...

From $599.95

Reconyx Hyperfire HC550

4.1 Stars - By far the most expensive white LED camera on the market, the HC550 delivers on battery life, detection circuit and durability.  Night pictures aren't worth the price tag...

From $549.95

HCO Scoutguard SG560C

3.6 Stars - White LED camera traps are best used for color night videos.  This camera does a good job with videos, but it is slow.  If using a camera...

From $229.95

Covert Illuminator

3.5 Stars - Color night videos should be what you need if you are looking at the Covert Illuminator.  Unforunately, the video trigger and recovery times are slow, so make...

From $149.95

HCO Scoutguard SG565

3.4 Stars - The SG565 takes incredible day and night photos.  Some of the best you will ever see.  This camera isn't fast though and uses a remote to program....

From $179.95

Reconyx SC950C Cellular

4.4 Stars - If you need the best cellular trail camera on the market and have an unlimited budget, well this is your camera.  Fast and posessing infinite programming options, the...


HCO Spartan GoCam Red Glow

3.7 Stars - This red glow cellular trail camera offers incredible value.  This cell camera has plans starting at $8 a month.  Setup is easy and pictures are good.  It...

From $379.95

Covert Code Black 3G

3.5 Stars - This no glow cellular trail camera would be useful for both security and wildlife applications.  Cellular technology continues to advance, making the setup easier on this model from...

From $399.95
Out of Stock

HCO Spartan GoCam NoGlow

3.5 Stars - If you have good cellular reception, this cell camera is a no-brainer.  It offers the most bang for your buck, whether you are photographing wildlife or the...

From $399.95

Bushnell HD Wireless

3.5 Stars This cellular trail camera has one glaring weakness.  Night pictures.  The flash range is non-existent.  Everything else is solid, but without the ability to take quality night pictures,...

Out of Stock

Plotwatcher Pro

- This is a time lapse only trailcam.  It does not detect motion, but rather takes pictures at time intervals that you preset.  It has excellent software capabilities, but no...


Cuddeback Long-Range IR C2

Cuddeback Long Range C2 Review Model # C2  |  Cuddeback C2 Owners Manual Review is in Progress Pros Fast picture and recovery times Great battery life Cons n/a Trailcampro Analysis...

Out of Stock

Wildgame Micro Crush 10x

3.0 Stars - This is an inexpensive trail camera that performs like a cheap trail camera.  Slow, flimsy case design, bad night pictures and a narrow detection circuit highlight the...

Out of Stock

Reconyx XS8

     The Ultrafire XS8 is a brand new video security trail camera from Reconyx.  The XS8 features "dynamic video," which records video as long as there is motion in...

From $699.95

Kodiak Series Wifi Camera

Wireless Retrieval: Transmits photos and videos to users smartphone from hundreds of feet away Wireless Control: Allows the user to adjust camera settings remotely Still Image Resolution: Up to 12...

Out of Stock

Bushnell NatureView Cam HD Live View

Manufacturer Specifications 14 mpxl  24 hr/Day/Night mode Adjustable PIR (low/medium/high) or Auto PIR No glow infrared flash Trigger interval: 1 sec. to 60 min. Multi-shot mode: 1-3 images per trigger...


Browning Recon Force Platinum

ETA February 2016.  This is a new release Browning trail camera.  They are not yet available for pre-order. 2016 Browning Recon Force Platinum Review Model # BTC-7FHD-P The Browning Recon...


Browning Command Ops

ETA February 2016.  This is a new release Browning trail camera.  They are not yet available for pre-order. 2016 Browning Command Ops Review Model # BTC-4 The Browning Command Ops...


Browning Dark Ops HD

3.5 Stars - This no glow trailcam is a solid all around performer.  The Browning Dark Ops review isn't the best in any category, but it isn't the worst either....

Out of Stock

Browning Strike Force HD

3.6 Stars How did the Strike Force become the #1 selling trailcam of 2014 & 2015?  It simply offered the most bang for the buck.  Speed, picture quality and easy...

Out of Stock

Browning Strike Force Elite

ETA February 2016.  This is a new release 2016 Browning trail camera.  They are not yet available for pre-order. 2016 Browning Strike Force Elite Review Model # BTC-5HDE    ...

From $139.95

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