How to Catch a Thief, with a Security Camera

     Trespassers, burglars and vandals seem to be multiplying at an unbelievable rate.  Luckily, with the modern technology that many trail cameras come with, catching a criminal has never been easier.

Here are the 3 steps to catching a thief.

1. Identify the Problem

     If you have a trespasser problem, the easiest fix is to use No Flash Infrared Trail Cameras.

     With no glow cameras, the night infrared led's do not glow red and therefore, the trespasser won't see a visible flash at night.

     Also, never mount the camera within easy line of sight if you know you have trespassers on your property.  Consider mounting the camera high on a tree or camouflage the camera in a way that it is not easily seen.

     For thieves or vandals in a residential, urban or commercial environment; you will need to think outside the box.

     Mounting the camera from high on a roof, telephone pole or even something like a bird feeder will keep the camera from being readily spotted.

License Plate Camera

2.  Purchase the Correct Security Camera

     For simplicity sake, let's make three categories of trail cameras that excel in security surveillance.
     Which is best?  Well that simply depends on your application.

     If you can easily go to the camera and do a simple sd card swap, removing the sd card with pictures and replacing with a fresh card, then having a basic no glow camera will do everything you need.

     If you want the camera to take a picture and immediately send that picture to your cell phone or email, then you need a cellular trail camera or cell phone camera.

     A wireless trail camera can either send pictures to a "black box" or hook up with your Wifi network to send pictures to your computer.

     We can help with selecting and purchasing the correct camera. 

3.  Security Camera Setup

     By now, the hard work has already been completed.  You simply need to set your plans in motion.

     After testing the camera at home, place the camera in your already selected setup.  Always make sure you have the time stamp option turned to "on."  This will let you know exactly when the criminal was there.

     Photos from a trail camera can be used as evidence in a criminal investigation.

     If you have additional questions, feel free to Contact Us.