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Hunten GSC35-50IR

     Last update 11/27/12

Quick Facts

Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:

Detection Range:

Flash Range:


1.668 s
Varies - see below
65 ft.
5 ft.
4 C
6" x 6" x 2.5"

Trailcampro Star Rating

1.9 Stars

Model:  Hunten GSC35-50IR  $119.95

  • Detects out to 50 ft.
  • Good day photos
  • Slow trigger speed
  • Almost non-existent flash range
  • Uses C cell batteries
  • Poor durability
Trailcampro Analysis

    Each year we are bombarded with new additions to the trail camera industry.  Hunten is the latest addition.  The GSC35-50ir is a no glow infrared camera, which means the human eye does not detect light from the IR emitters.

    Let us first say, when we review a camera we try to be as honest and frank as possible.  Along with that, we try to be fair and professional to each of the companies we review.  Anything we say is not meant to damage their brand, it is merely giving consumers an honest review of a particular product.  Given that, this camera has a long way to go before it can be considered a feasible option for a fair minded consumer.

Detection Circuit       2.2 Stars

     The trigger speed of the G35-50IR is 1.668 seconds.  This trigger speed ranks in the 30th percentile of current trail cameras.

     The recovery time is unlike anything we have tested before.  After the camera takes a photo of an animal, it is capable of recovering in 10 seconds.  However, the motion/movement in front of the camera must stop completely before the recovery time starts.  In other words, you could have a two huge grizzly bears in front of the camera doing a country two-step, and the camera would only get one photo.  This is quite possibly the most puzzling thing we have ever seen in a trail camera.  The whole reason for having a game camera is you want photos of animals moving in front of the camera right?  We can't explain the reasoning, nor do we understand the purpose.

     Moving on, the detection range on this camera is 50 feet.  The detection angle is relatively narrow at 18.9° compared to the field of view angle of 42°.  We do not understand why some companies do not employ detection zones to be at least close to the same width as the field of view.

Picture Quality       1.5 Stars

     The day picture quality is one of the lone bright spots in this camera.  They have good color and acceptable clarity.  Some of the photos show a bit of blur and the camera isn't quite in focus, but it is close to it.

     On the other side, the night photos are the absolute worst aspect of this camera.  As you can see from the photos on the right, you can make out some deer in the first few night photos, but many of the night photos looked just like the last infrared shot - completely black. 

     We rated the night photos as completely useless.  They have zero value as a scouting/security tool.

Battery Life       2.2 Stars

      A resting current draw of 1.36 milliamps (ma) is entirely too high for any trail camera.  The day current draw is surprisingly low at 97 ma.  The night current draw is high, especially considering the camera is going to use that 484 ma for 7 full seconds.

Resting Current Draw
Day Current Draw
Night Current Draw
Duration of Photo
1.36 ma
97 ma
484 ma
7 s

ma = milliamps
s = seconds

     This camera operates on 4 C cell batteries, this is another negative of the camera s C cell batteries are bigger, heavier and don't have the long life we associate with AA batteries.

     Even with the downsides of the high current draws, the G35-50ir still last 1.5 months in the field.  We consider this to be a win, all things considered.

Ease of Use       1.8 Stars

     The case design of the camera is disappointing.  The camera does not feel particularly well-made and the clamps that shut the camera as cheap and non-secure.  Possibly the second-worst aspect of the camera is every time something walks in front of the camera, day or night, a red light on the front of the camera turns on.  Almost telling a walker-by, "hey, here I am.  Come steal me!"  Even better, when the camera takes a photo, a separate green light comes on.  Just in case the thief is color blind to red, he/she will at least notice the green light.  Once again, we have no explanation for this and simply do not understand the reasoning behind it.  When we told Hunten about this, they told us to put electrical tape over the light holes.  This would work, however, the design flaw is simply too great not to make note of.

     The programming is at least simple enough to figure out without reading an owners manual. 

     This is a new camera so the durability is still somewhat of an unknown.  We did have issues with a couple of the cameras but that could have been a fluke.  The sample size is too small to give a definitive answer.  We will update the review when we have had more experience with the camera in the future to properly reflect the durability.

      If you have read the review up to this point you probably already know our opinion on the Hunten G35-50IR as a whole.  There really is not much to add to it.  We hope in the future the faults we have found with this camera will produce a much higher quality camera for Hunten.
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