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2013 Moultrie D-444 Review

     -Last update: 4/8/2014

Quick Facts
Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:
Detection Range:
Flash Range:
0.840 s
14.8 s
50 ft
60 ft
6 C
6" x 5" x 3.5"

Trailcampro Star Rating

3.7 Stars

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  • Sub 1 second trigger
  • Long battery life
  • Good flash range
  • Excellent detection zone
  • Slow recovery time
  • C cell batteries
Trailcampro Analysis

    Trail camera bargain hunters, you have come to the right place.

    Upon finishing our preliminary testing (trigger speed, recovery time, and battery draw), we sat anxiously waiting for the sample photos to trickle in.  The picture quality would make or break the D-444.

    Most trail cameras in the lower price ranges generally do well in a few areas and then struggle in one or two key areas.  Our preliminary testing found the D444 had a quality detection circuit, strong battery life and a pretty solid case design.  Everything hinged on the picture quality.

    Upon checking the camera the first few times, it became clear that Moultrie built a winner in the D-444.

Detection Circuit     3.1 Stars
     Rarely are we impressed with the detection circuit of a camera under $150, but this is one of the rare exceptions.  The 0.84 second trigger speed is fast enough to capture any moving animal.

     The detection width is at least as wide as the field of view and the detection range reached out to 60 feet the first few times.  On warmer days we would expect to see the range drop a bit.

     The only disappointing feature of the detection circuit is a slow 15 second recovery time.  This is simply too long for a fast moving game trail.

Picture Quality       4.1 Stars
     As mentioned previously, the picture quality proved to be the pivotal swing in the right direction for the Moultrie D-444.

     Most impressive were the generous night pictures.  Plenty of flash range depth and ample coverage from left to right.  The pictures are generally clear and precise.  The most blur we received were from close-ups of an animal moving rather quickly.

     Notice  the close-ups of the bird feeder (to the right), the camera didn't wash out the animals even at such a close distance.  This really sealed the deal for us in regards to the night photo quality.

     Day pictures are solid all-around.  Good clarity and good color make for a very sharp picture.  Once again, there is blur if movement is close to the camera, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Battery Life       3.7 Stars
     Battery life is another strong point of the Moultrie D444.  The resting current is in the 85th percentile of all the trail cameras on the market.  Combine that with rather low day and night current draws (from each picture taken), and the raw data seen below is quite impressive.

Resting Current Draw Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
0.18 ma
619 ma
845 ma

ma = milliamps

     Our preference in battery type is and has always been AA batteries.  The D444 uses C cell batteries.  The reason for our preference of AA is you can get AA batteries in Lithium or Nickel Metal Hydride, these types of batteries are unaffected by cold weather.  Conversely, C cell batteries are negatively affected by freezing temperatures.

     The only real benefit to the C cell batteries is their high capacity (normally around 5,000 milliamps).  With the low current draws and the high capacity C cell batteries, the D444 will last months upon months in the field in temperatures over 32°.  That battery life will be cut in half in freezing temperatures.

Ease of Use       4.0 Stars
     The camera case is designed of solid, stable plastic with no obvious flaws.  By housing C cell batteries the camera is larger than other Moultrie cameras, but not significantly so.  We always like to see the built-in bracket for a Python Cable Lock and the 1/4 x 20 threaded insert to attach a Slate River Game Camera Mount.

     Programming is problem-free.  Nothing out of the ordinary and we never had to crack the owner's manual.  The D-444 does not have an internal viewing screen but most cameras in this price point don't.

     Durability of Moultrie cameras has been among the very best in recent years.  We expect that to continue with this camera and the other 2013 Moultrie models.

     This camera was well thought-out from the beginning.  The wide, deep detection zone combined with a sub-1 second trigger makes catching the first animal a cinch.  The slow recovery time makes catching the second passerby much tougher.  If you plan on using this on a trail, the multi-shot mode is a must.  However, good picture quality, long battery life, easy programming and a strong/durable camera make this a steal even for the craftiest of bargain hunters.

     All Moultrie cameras come with the manufacturer one year warranty.  However, any camera purchased online, directly from us comes with our free 2 Year Extended Warranty.  For the life of your camera, you will never have to deal directly with a manufacturer again.  Everything can be handled through us, with no delays.  Our extended warranty is exclusive to our customers only.  We even give you a sd card and ship domestically for free.  We are doing everything in our power to prove to you that you'd be crazy to purchase from anyone else.
D-444 Sample Photos