Moultrie I45 Review

                                                                                             Quick Facts

Price:                         $199.95
Trigger Time:              1.557 s
Recovery Time:            60 Seconds
Detection Range:          45 ft.
Detection Width:           Semi-Wide
Flash Range:                45 ft.
Battery Life:                 4-6 weeks
Battery Type:               4 D Batteries
Memory Card:              SD Card

Pictures as they appear on the website

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  • Improved Trigger Speed
  • Good daytime pictures
  • Ability to send pictures to your computer

  • Slow Recovery Time
  • Limited detection range
  • Poor quality night photos
  • Detection range exceeds flash range

The Camera Itself

         The Moultrie I45 has a much quicker trigger speed than its predecessor, the Moultrie I40.  The detection zone also seems to have been widened, but still not as wide as a Reconyx or Bushnell.  The Moultrie I45 is relatively user-friendly with easy setup, good battery location and easy access to the SD card.

      However, the I45 still has a slow 60 second recovery time, limited detection range, average battery life and poor night pictures.  The camera itself is a bit underwhelming.  In multiple tests, the I45's detection circuitry is a bit inconsistent as you can see in the 2009 Trail Camera Shootout.

      The best thing about the Moultrie I45 is that you can buy a modem, purchase a moultrie game management system package, and have every picture the camera takes sent directly to your computer.  This is the real strength of the I45.  Keep reading to learn more about the Moultrie Game Management System.

More Images of the Moultrie I45

How does the Moultrie Game Management System Work?

     The Moultrie I45 is a Cellular Camera that, when hooked up to a Moultrie Game Connect Modem, will send pictures to an online account.  With this activated, you can view the pictures your camera is taking from anywhere that has internet service.  Lets look at this more in depth...

What you need...

Moultrie I45
Moultrie Game Spy Modem
Moultrie Management Package

      The first two are the easy part.  You can buy both the camera and the modem here at TrailCamPro.  The Moultrie Game Management Package must be purchased at 

      The plans range from $29.99 a month to $99.99 a month.  The higher the plan, the more pictures are included.  Also, the amount of pictures included in each plan is dependent on the resolution.  The higher the resolution, the lower number of pictures per plan.  Here are the different packages offered...

Moultrie Game Management Packages

Upload Resolution
160 x 120
320 x 240
640 x 480
Plan Cost per month


Keep in mind, each camera you own has to have its own package

The Cell Phone coverage is through At&T and can be found here -

So how do you view your pictures?

     Once you have purchased a Moultrie I45 and modem, created an account, and paid for a hosting package; you may login to view the pictures that are being taken.

       The website is really the best part of this entire system.  You have several things to play with.  The most obvious being the game pictures themselves.  Every picture that the I45 takes, will be sent to your account.  It will be the first page (inbox) you see when you log on.  Click any picture to enlarge.  Here is a screenshot from the inbox...

Picture Inbox

      You can also create galleries and albums based on the different pictures the I45 has taken.

      There is also a map to view where the camera is located.  Here are two screenshots of that.

Aerial Map
Topographic Map

     One of the best features of the website/camera is that you can change the camera settings with a couple clicks of your mouse.  You can actually change your camera's settings from your computer!  Here is a picture of that...

Changing the Moultrie I45's Settings from your computer

     Click "Cameras" and then "status" to view the status of your camera from your computer as well.  Check battery levels, memory storage, last activity, even data transfer!  Here is a screenshot of the Camera Status...

Camera Status


The Upside:  As you can see, the website is incredible, but very expensive.  The website is not only loaded with features, but also very user-friendly.  In my opinion, this is the future of the game camera industry.  Being able to change the camera settings while also viewing how much battery life is left, is simply awesome.  There is nothing else out there that is like this.  I really believe this is the beginning of a new era of how we not only use trail cameras, but also how we review them.  I give the website an A+ for usability, design and options.

The Downside:  Plain and simple, the camera itself is a let-down.  The recovery time is still a slow 60 seconds, the night pictures are poor in quality, and the cameras detection capabilities are limited and inconsistent.  I am impressed that they have a much quicker trigger speed (1.5 seconds) than the older Moultrie models.  They also widened the detection zone a little.  However, the camera itself disappoints especially when compared to some of the other current models (Bushnell Trophy Cam, Reconyx cameras).

      Overall, this is the best game camera we have tested that uses a cellular service to send pictures to your computer.  If price is not an issue, this system will work and work well for you.  While the camera itself is underwhelming, the moultrie game management website goes above and beyond.  It truly is ahead of its time.