Moultrie M-80 Black Review

     -Last update 11/13/12 - This model is discontinued

Quick Facts
  • Trigger Time:
  • Recovery Time:
  • Detection Range:
  • Flash Range:
  • Dimensions:
  • Battery Type:

1.860 s
10 s
50 ft.
90 ft.
5" x 4" x 3"
8 AA

Trailcampro Star Rating
3.4 Stars

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•  No Glow Infrared
Time lapse option
Audio with video
Improved 10 s recovery time  
  •  Bright night infrared flash

     • 1.8 s trigger time is slow
     • White out of close animals at night

Trailcampro Analysis

     No glow infrared will continue to grow in popularity as the need for security trail cameras grows.  This is a great value No Glow trail camera for both the price and the performance of the camera.

Detection Circuit       3.0 stars
     The trigger speed is 1.8 seconds (40th percentile), the detection range is 50 feet, the detection zone is wide and covers plenty of square feet. 

     The M-80 BLK also sports an improved 10 second recovery time (30 seconds for 2011 models).  This is a huge improvement.

Picture Quality    
  4.5 stars
     The camera shoots in a 16:9 ratio (which is different than the normal 4:3) and the day pictures are above average.  However, there is some blur with movement during the day.  At night, the flash is huge, but once again, you will see blur on movement and animals close to the camera will have a "white out."  The fourth picture down on the right shows this in action.  Overall, the is the biggest night flash of any no glow infrared camera on the market.

     We noticed that the transition from night to day and day to night pictures produced a low quality photo.  The camera "sensed" that there was still enough light to take a day picture when it should have been a night photo.

     If you prefer video to pictures, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out the M-80 Blk has audio along with the video.  An important note, the M-80 can only take 10 second video at night.  This is the longest interval.  During the day it can go longer however.

     The M-80 Blk comes with an option for time-lapse mode.  Time-lapse is simply taking a picture at your desired time intervals.  This enables the camera to cover a huge food plot with a single camera.

     On each picture, you will see a time/date stamp, moon phase, temperature reading and a camera ID stamped on the bottom of the photo.  The camera ID can be set to anything of your choice, which is a nice way of sorting through pictures if you have several cameras.

Battery Life    
  2.2 stars
     Battery life of the M80 Black is pretty decent.  The current draws are really low, but the duration of the photo is 10 seconds.  This is longer than the M-80 XT, but this is required for the extra "juice" needed for the no glow.  It is always tough to estimate battery life but a 1 to 2 month expectation is reasonable.

Resting Current Draw
Day Current Draw
Night Current Draw
Duration of Photo
0.21 ma
219 ma
266 ma
10 s

s = seconds
ma = milliamps

     The camera operates off of 8 AA batteries and is a prime example of a camera that works well with the Tenergy Nimh Rechargeable Batteries.

Ease of Use
       4 stars
     This camera measures 5" x 4."  It is easy to visualize the many places you could conceal the camera from the human eye.  The case design is simple, and well thought out.  We have also found the case design to be durable and well-built.

     Programming the M-80 Black is intuitive, user-friendly and quick.  The camera operates off of 8 AA batteries and is a prime example of a camera that works well with the Tenergy Nimh Rechargeable Batteries if you want to save money on batteries.

     For the price, the Moultrie M80 Blk is an outstanding value for a Now Glow Infrared trail camera.  Solid detection circuit, huge night flash, 10 second recovery time outweigh the slow trigger and "white out" pictures.  The only reason we would not recommend this camera is if you plan on specifically setting the camera up to photograph animals 8-10 feet and closer.

M80 Black Sample Photos