Moultrie M-80 XT Review

     -Last update 1/29/13,  Discontinued camera

Quick Facts
  • Trigger Time:
  • Recovery Time:
  • Detection Range:
  • Flash Range: 
  • Dimensions
  • Battery Type:

1.843 s
10 s
50 ft.
90 ft.
5" x 4" x3"
8 AA

Trailcampro Star Rating
3.6 Stars

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• Tiny, compact camera
Time lapse option
Improved 10 s recovery time  
  • Bright night infrared flash
  • New motion freeze technology
     • 1.8 s trigger time is slow

Trailcampro Analysis

     The improvements made in the 2012 Moultrie M-80 XT are impressive.  An improved detection circuit and adjustable night flash make this a great choice for a variety of camera trap situations.

Detection Circuit    
  3.0 stars
     The trigger speed is 1.8 seconds (10th percentile) and the camera recovers in 10 seconds.  This is a huge improvement from the previous recovery time of 30 seconds.  Still, 10 seconds is just an average recovery time these days.

      The detection range is 50 feet, which is decent.  The detection zone is wider than the field of view, but not excessively so.

Picture Quality      4.5 stars
     The camera shoots in a 16:9 ratio (which is different than the normal 4:3) and the day pictures are clear, bright and with good color.  However, we have noticed some blur during the day shots if there is significant motion.

     New 2012 M80 XT's have Motion-Freeze Technology.  You can set the camera to take extremely bright night flashes (with blur on motion), or you can set it to take a less bright picture but with more clarity and less blur.  This merely quickens the shutter speed.  The flash range, when set to max distance, is huge, even longer than the 60 foot advertised flash.

Freeze on
Freeze off
Freeze on
Freeze off

     If you prefer video to pictures, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out the M-80 has audio along with the video.  An important note, the M-80 XT can only take 10 second video at night.  This is the longest interval.  During the day it can go longer however.

     On each picture, you will see a time/date stamp, moon phase, temperature reading and a camera ID stamped on the bottom of the photo.  The camera ID can be set to anything of your choice, which is a nice way of sorting through pictures if you have several cameras.

Battery Life       2.8 stars
     The battery life in the M80 XT is average.  The resting current is excellent at 0.20 milliamps.

     The daytime and nighttime power consumption is quite high.  1446 and 2283 respectively are both in around the 40th percentile.

     Despite the high picture draws, we have still been at roughly 2 months battery life, in large part to the low resting current draw.

Resting Current Draw
Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
0.20 ma
1446 ma
2283 ma

ma = milliamps

     The camera operates off of 8 AA batteries and is a prime example of a camera that works well with the Tenergy Nimh Rechargeable Batteries.

Ease of Use       4 stars
     The camera stands in at a tiny 5" x 4" with a black textured finish.  The case design is well constructed, with no obvious flaws.  Programming the M-80 is intuitive, user-friendly and quick.

      The M-80 comes with an option for time-lapse mode.  Time-lapse is simply taking a picture at your desired time intervals.  This enables the camera to cover a huge food plot with a single camera.  The programming for the time lapse is a bit of trouble, and is not as user-friendly as a time-lapse specific camera like the Plotwatcher Pro.

     Overall, you can see why we are so impressed with the Moultrie M-80 XT.  Not only does it have an improved detection circuit, excellent day and night photos, but it also comes with extras like the audio with video and the time-lapse feature.   
Moultrie Sample Pictures