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Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 Review

     -Last update 3/03/13  Discontinued Camera

Quick Facts

Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:

Detection Range:

Flash Range:


1.462 s
8 s
45 ft
60 ft
8 AA
4" x 5.25" x 2.5"

Trailcampro Star Rating

3.3 Stars

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  • Exceptional case design/programming
  • Great battery life
  • Night photos are blurry and "white out" on close objects
  • Day photos overexpose easily in bright sunlight
Trailcampro Analysis

     Building on their initial line of trail cameras, Primos has rebuilt their Truth Cam series with the new Truth Cam Ultra series of trail cameras.

     First thing you will notice is the Ultras are less than half the size of the old Truth Cams.  The detection circuit, for the most part, stayed the same but the case, quietness (old Primos cameras "clunked when taking a picture), battery life and programming all improved.

Detection Circuit       2.8 Stars

      This year (2012) we have seen a tremendous increase (or decrease) in trigger and recovery times throughout the industry.  So while the 1.462 seconds from the new Primos TC Ultra 46 puts it in a lower percentile, it is still a respectable time.  The 8 second recovery is also quick enough for most situations.

     The detection range is 45 feet and the width is at least as wide as the field of view.  We were unable to include the new Primos cameras in the detection zone test because we did not have a unit in time for the test.

Picture Quality      2.0 Stars

     This is undoubtedly the weakest link on the Ultra 46.  As you can see from the pictures on the right, there is absolutely no consistency to the photos. 

     The day photos seem especially sensitive to overexposure in sunlight and the color is not very vivid at all.  We had series of photos shot in the same minute that would have 4 different variations of colors and exposures.

    The night photos share the same story.  Some of the pictures are bright, clear and nearly perfect infrared shots.  Others are wildly overexposed and create a "white out" of the object.  Many of these shots were even in the same exact setup.

Battery Life       4.3 Stars

     From the data we have collected, the Truth Cam Ultra 46 has some of the best battery current draws of any camera on the market. 

     The resting current draw is currently the best on the market and the day and night current draws are exceptionally low.  The 4.5 second duration of photo is average but combine that to the low current draws and you battery life that could exceed 3 months.

Resting Current Draw
Day Current Draw
Night Current Draw
Duration of Photo
0.14 ma
84 ma
226 ma
4.5 s

s= seconds
ma = milliamps

    The cameras battery operations is a little different as it runs all 8 batteries in a series (usually it is 4 in a series).  For that reason, we could not run a typical current cutoff test.  We did use Nimh rechargeable batteries with success on this camera.

Ease of Use       4.0 Stars

     This is also one of the strong suits of this camera.  We really like the case design of the Ultra 46, in fact, we gave it a flawless rating.  The plastic is a high grade, it has a good weatherproof seal, the camera is extremely small and the internal switches and battery compartment are both easy to use and durable.

     The programming also received a flawless rating.  You simply set the date and time on the LCD display, and then you manually switch the "flip switches" to your desired settings.  They are located just inside the camera.  This simply could not be easier.  We love the programming of this camera.

     The only reason the Ease of Use did not receive a perfect "5" stars is the durability is an unknown.  We judged the durability of the camera based off of past experience with Primos cameras.  This can be somewhat unfair, but we will update the rating after more experience with the camera to reflect modern results in the future.

     To wrap it up, this camera is somewhat of a double edged sword.  The camera operates with an average detection circuit, but is backed up with exceptional battery life and remains one of the easiest to program cameras on the market.

     However, the sole reason of having a trail camera is to collect photos of wildlife or people (security).  Normally, how "pretty" a photo is ranks as one of our least concerns.  The exception is when many of the pictures become unusable and thus unsuitable for our needs.  The Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46's photos border on unsuitable for us.  While the camera gets a very good overall star rating of 3.4, you need to take a good look at the pictures on the right to see if they will work for you.  If they are suitable for your needs, then this camera will be a great buy for just $159.

     Overall, this camera is still much improved over the old "clunky" Primos models.  If the picture quality is improved via a firmware update or something else, then this camera will be an absolute steal in the future (and the review will be updated to reflect that).
TC Ultra 46 Photos