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Primos Truth Cam 60 Review

  Quick Facts

    Price:                              $179.95
  •  Trigger Time:                 1.587 s
  •  Recovery Time:             5 seconds
  •  Detection Range:          50 ft.
  •  Detection Width:           Semi-wide
  •  Flash Range:                 60 ft.
  •  Battery Life:                  
  •  Battery Type:                 4 D Cell
  •  SD Card:                       SD Card

  Pictures in Action

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  • Easy programming
  • Quick recovery time
  • Good detection range
  • Fuzzy Pictures both day and night
  • Audible "clunk" sound on EVERY picture
  • A red light goes off every time a picture is taken
Best Thing About the Camera

          Solid detection circuit


     The Primos Truth Cam series, is Primos' first production of game cameras.  The Truth Cam measures 7" x 9" x3" (deep).  Compared to most modern cameras, this is a very large, bulky camera.  The biggest difference in the different model of Truth Cams' is the amount of Infrared LED's present.  The more LED's = better night pictures.  The Truth Cam 46 has 46 infrared LED's.

     The programming on the Truth Cam 60 is user-friendly.    The camera operates off of 4 D cell batteries.  Unfortunately, by using D cell batteries, this normally decreases battery life significantly over using AA batteries.  You can not use rechargeable Nimh batteries on this camera.

     The most obvious flaw of this camera is a very loud "clunk" sound on every day picture.  You can hear the sound from about 15 feet away.  The noise comes from the infrared filter.  The filter defaults into "night" mode every picture, so, if the camera takes a picture during the day (or night); the filter must move over, resulting in a very audible "clunk."  This makes the camera useless for surveillance of trespassers or thieves.  Also, the chance of spooking game is much higher. 

     Along the same lines, a red light blinks every time a picture is taken both day and night.

     The picture quality, both day and night, would be quite impressive if not for the blur in every movement.  The day pictures are absolutely beautiful when the animals are standing still.  The flash range is roughly 40 ft. depending on the outside light present.  Here is an example:

     The 1.587 second trigger and 5 second recovery time is VERY impressive considering this is a sub-$200 trail camera.  The detection zone is what we consider "semi-wide," which means it covers about half the field of view of the camera.  Overall, I am impressed with the detection circuit considering the price point of this model.

     This camera would be a no-brainer if not for the fuzzy pictures and "clunk" sound.  The sound is inexcusable, and quite frankly, I don't know how that gets by quality control.  I hope it is something they fix in the future.  The rest of the camera is definitely above average and the detection circuit is worthy of a camera almost double its price.  If you don't mind the sound, or the blurry pictures, I would think you would be happy with the Truth Cam 60.

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