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Primos TC Blackout Ultra Review

     - Last update 6/04/13  Discontinued Camera

Quick Facts

Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:

Detection Range:

Flash Range:


1.085 s.
8 s.
60 ft.
40 ft.
8 AA
4" x 5.25" x 2.5"

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  • Tiny camera, excellent case design
  • Good battery life
  • Solid detection circuit
  • 40 ft. infrared flash range
  • Picture quality is average at best
Trailcampro Analysis

The Primos Truth Cam Blackout Ultra is a no glow camera (no infrared flash of any kind) that can be used in wildlife or security surveillance.

     The first thing you notice is a much smaller camera then the previous model along with a quicker detection circuit and longer battery life.  All the old quirks of old Primos cameras, most noticeably the audible "clunk" when a photo was taken, are now completely gone.

Detection Circuit    

     The trigger time is 1.085 seconds and the recovery time is 8 seconds.  Neither of these times instill fear in the competitors, but both times are quick enough to be useful on just about any scenario.

     The detection zone is at least as wide as the field of view and the range is an impressive 60 ft.  On cold days it can reach around 75 ft.  This is a very respectable and accommodating detection zone.

Picture Quality    

This is the area that Primos has struggled with its' "Ultra" series cameras.  The day pictures do not have an abundance of color and in general, are not very clear. 

     Night pictures are pretty solid if the animal is close to the camera.  With the flash range being limited to about 40 ft. (on a night with a big moon), this is a below average night photo.  Many of the night pictures we collected were pretty clear and offered a solid photo.  There were a few pictures with blur but nothing out of the ordinary for an infrared camera.

Battery Consumption    

Battery life is one of the most important aspects of a camera is it directly impacts the amount of money you have to continue spending on a camera after you have purchased it.  Expect low annual battery expenses with the TC Blackout Ultra.  The day and night current draws are exceptional (especially for a no glow camera) and the resting current is in the 95th percentile.

Resting Current Draw
Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
0.14 ma
377 ma
657 ma

ma = milliamps

     The camera uses 8 AA batteries in series and will work with Alkaline, Lithium or Nimh Rechargeable batteries.  We have zero complaints with the battery life and functionality of this camera.

Ease of Use    

Another strong point on this camera is the case design and user interface.  The camera is among the smallest in the industry and boasts a high quality plastic case that can withstand the elements.  The case even has a few tapped holes to accommodate a python cable lock to secure the camera.

     The setup could not be easier.  If you can tie your shoes, you can setup this camera.  We absolutely LOVE the user friendliness of the new Primos Ultra trail cameras.

     The biggest concern we have with this new camera, as we have with all the other Primos cameras, is the durability.  We have had a significant number of Primos cameras fail over the years and the warranty rate for the new Ultra cameras is higher than what we would like to see.  This is something we will keep tabs on and update this section of the review as it changes.

Blackout Ultra Photos