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 Recon Talon Basic



Recon Talon Basic

 Recon Talon Basic



Recon Talon Basic

  • Great Infrared flash
  • Solid case, great electronics
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Small picture file size
  • Images are black & white only
  • Emmits an audibly detectable "Click" when taking a picture

Best thing about this trail camera

  • Infrared picture quality
Worst thing about this trail camera
  • Clicking noise
Camera is best suited for:
General applications

    The Talon basic is built in a sturdy case with electronics to match.  As previously stated this model produces some of the best Infrared pictures we have seen with almost no "white out" on close animals.  This unit represents a good example of why you can not rely on megapixel ratings.  Rated at VGA quality, the Talon basic outperforms competitors with 3x the resolution and uses 1/3 the memory card space.  The Talon basic also offers some of the best electronics we have seen.  The digital voltage meter displays battery capacity in tenths of a volt allowing it to function much like a gas guage.  The Talon Basic draws less than 1 miliamp in standby mode which accounts for it's superior battery life.  Recon claims this unit is capable of lasting an entire hunting season on one set of batteries and our tests would confirm at least a 120 day life expectancy. 

   Recon has updated their units to speed up the trigger time.  Previous models had a sluggish trigger time at around 4 seconds.  New models snap a picture in the sub 2 second range.  Although this model is lacking bells and whistles, it has all the essentials a good scouting camera needs.  At $195.00 it's a great value and a solid scouting camera.