Reconyx Hyperfire SM750

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Reconyx Hyperfire SM750

     As you may have read in the Reconyx SM750 Review, this camera is a complete no-glow (covert) infrared security camera.  It can be programmed to only be operational during certain times of the day/night.  It can also be programmed for "rollover," which simply means if the memory card fills up, the next picture taken will just replace the first picture taken. 

     The SM750 can capture images of license plate on vehicles traveling at speeds of up to 40-50 miles per hour. No other automatic, motion activated, portable camera can do this!

     You must use Rechargeable Nimh or Lithium batteries because this is a covert camera.

     All pictures are in black/white only.

Manufacturer Specifications
  • Rapidfire Near-Video Speed:  Up to 2 frames per second
  • Image Resolution:  720P High Definition / 3.1 Mpxl
  • Image Detail:  Black/White Only
  • Image Data:  Time, Date, Temperature and Moon Phase
  • Infrared Illumination:  No-Glow High Output Covert IR
  • Infrared Flash Range:  Up to 50 ft.
  • Battery Life:  Up to 30,000 images
  • Battery Quantity / Size:  6 or 12 AA
  • Battery Requirements:  Nimh Rechargeable or 1.5v Lithium
  • Memory Card Type:  Secure Digital (SD or SDHC)
  • Operating Temperature Range:  -20 to 120 degrees Farenheit
  • Theft Deterrence:  CodeLoc Pass-Code Protection
  • Software:  Mapview Security Software
  • Warranty:  1 Yr. from date of purchase
  • Reconyx SM750 Owner's Manual

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