Spypoint BF-7 Review

     -Last update 1/15/13  -  Discontinued

Quick Facts
  •  Price:
  •  Trigger Time:
  •  Recovery Time:
  •  Detection Range:
  •  Flash Range:
  •  Dimensions:
  •  Battery Type:

1.277 s
10 s
50 ft.
60 ft.
7" x 5.5" x 2.5"
6 AA

Trailcampro Star Rating

3.5 Stars

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  • Great night photos
  • Extremely easy to program
  • Low resting current draw
  • Solid trigger and recovery
  • Flimsy battery cover
  • Doesn't work with Nimh rechargeable batteries
Trailcampro Analysis

      Spypoint is a Canadian made company that has been producing quality camera traps for several years.  The Spypoint BF-7 is a no glow infrared camera at a very reasonable price.  There are only a few no glow flash cameras that sneak under the $200 mark and this may just be the best one of the bunch.

     "No Glow IR" or "Covert Flash" camera traps continue to grow in popularity as they work well in both wildlife and security applications.  This camera is completely invisible when it takes a night photo.  A trespasser or thief would have no idea they are being photographed.

Detection Circuit       3.3 stars

     Overall, the BF-7's detection circuit is above average.  The trigger time of 1.2 seconds is solid as is the 10 second recovery time.  You will notice that the programming of the camera only goes down to a 60 second recovery time.  In order to achieve the 10 second recovery, hold the "up" arrow and turn the camera on.  This will set the camera to recover in 10 seconds.

     The detection zone is slightly wider than the field of view, and the detection range is 50 feet.  The detection zone is very solid but not spectacular.

Picture Quality    
  3.3 stars

     Perhaps the strongest feature of the BF-7 is the night photos.  They are plenty bright and are surprisingly clear.  We put these night photos in the 90th percentile of all trail cameras, this includes red glow cameras as well as no glow models!

     The star rating on picture quality is offset by the somewhat weak day photos.  The day photos lack vivid color and clarity. 
The BF-7 has good video quality and also has audio with its video.

Battery Life    
  3.2 stars

     The Spypoint BF-7 has an extremely low (good) resting current draw.  This will let the camera sit in inactivity for a very long period.

     The day current draw is average but the night current draw is quite high.  Both the daytime and nighttime power consumption is higher than we would like to see, but not at all in a way that it handicaps the camera.

Resting Current Draw
Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
0.10 ma
1263 ma
2632 ma

ma = milliamps

     While battery life estimates are very difficult to make, as they depend on individual variations, the BF-7 will last between 1.5 and 2.5 months in the field.  If it is in an area that takes a ton of night photos, you can expect that number to be closer to two months (and closer to three months if it is not).

     Spypoint does not recommend the use of Nimh rechargeable batteries in their cameras.  The cutoff voltage for this camera is 3.5 volts and while the camera works off of six total batteries, the 4.5 volt system only works on three of the batteries in a series.  Therefore, a 1.2 volt Nimh rechargeable battery will not work (1.2 x 3 = 3.6,  this is right at the cutoff).  You will be best off using lithium batteries in this camera but you can also use alkaline if you like.

     We hope in the future that Spypoint enables their cameras to be compatible for Nimh batteries as their cost savings are quite valuable to consumers.

Ease of Use    
  4 stars

     Spypoint has long been coveted for its easy programming.  The BF-7 is no different as you can literally program this camera in seconds from opening the camera.

     The camera is slightly larger than the average camera trap these days, but it is still small enough to easily conceal.  The case design itself is nearly flawless.  The buckles work well and the plastic shell is well-made.  The only knock we could find is the battery compartment lid is flimsy.  We especially like the holes in the back of the camera to fit a Python Cable Lock.  This will lock your camera to a tree.

BF-7 Sample Photos