Spypoint IR-7 Review

     -Last update 12/15/13

Quick Facts

Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:
Detection Range:
Flash Range:
10 s
50 ft
40 ft
6 AA
7" x 5.5" x 2.5"

Trailcampro Star Rating

3.4 Stars

Model:  Spypoint IR-7  $159.95

  • Solid trigger and recovery times
  • Very user-friendly
  • Low resting current draw
  • Flimsy battery cover
  • Does not work with rechargeable batteries
Trailcampro Analysis

     Spypoint is a Canadian made company that has been producing quality camera traps for several years.  The IR-7 is their basic red glow infrared camera that sells at the popular price point of $159.95.

Detection Circuit       3.3 Stars

      The detection circuit on the IR-7 is nearly identical to the Spypoint BF-7.  The trigger speed of 1.3 seconds is solid and the recovery time of 10 seconds is solid as well.  Neither of these numbers are overly impressive, but they get the job done in most situations effectively.

     The detection zone on the IR-7 is impressive.  The detection range of 50 ft. is solid but Spypoint has made a point of matching the detection width to the field of view width.  This means that as soon as something walks into the field of view, the camera is triggered (1.3 seconds later). 

     Many companies "cheat" by producing a wider detection zone to be able to take photos quicker.  However, this produces many blank photos if an animal is hanging out just outside the field of view of the camera.  We commend Spypoint for having such an exact detection zone.

Picture Quality       3.0 Stars

      Picture quality is based off of the day and night photos from a given camera.  The Spypoint IR-7 produces day photos that have good, vivid color.  There can be a bit of blur with fast movement during the day but overall most photos are pretty clear.  We have noticed that in bright sunlight the camera has a tendency to be just a bit overexposed, but this is quite rare in most cases.

     The night picture rating may change rather quickly.  At the time of this review, Spypoint has upgraded the IR emitters to match that of the Spypoint BF-7 (the IR-7 will still be red glow).  The night pictures from these upgraded cameras will be over higher quality and will produce an additional 20 feet in flash range.  However, at the time of this review we will be basing the rating off of the old emitters.  As soon as we get sample photos from the upgraded cameras we will update this review accordingly.  All of our current inventory is the newly upgraded cameras.

     We consider the night pictures to be average.  They produce a good flash in the middle of the photo, but on the edges it tends to get darker.  There is also some "white out" potential on close options and as with most infrared cameras, there will be some blur with animal movement.

Battery Life       3.3 Stars

     The resting current draw on the IR-7 is one the best on the market.  To draw 0.12 milliamps is absolutely incredible.  This camera could sit in the woods, inactive, for over a year without needing to change batteries.  Obviously, that is unrealistic as the camera will have taken thousands of photos in that time but it is still an impressive benchmark.

     The daytime and nighttime power consumption are both around the industry average.  These numbers could be reduced significantly and have a huge positive impact on the battery performance.

Resting Current Draw
Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
0.12 ma
1276 ma
2052 ma

ma = milliamps

      We were disappointed to find that the IR-7 does not work with rechargeable batteries.  The cutoff voltage for this camera is 3.5 volts.  The camera operates on 6 AA batteries (3 in a series at 4.5 volts).  Alkaline of lithium are your only options.  This is another area we would like to see improved in the future as many people, including ourselves, like to use the rechargeable nimh batteries.

     Overall, the battery life is very good.  You can expect upwards of 2-3 months on alkaline batteries, 4-5 months on lithium batteries.

Ease of Use       4.0 Stars

     Spypoint has long been coveted for its easy programming.  The IR-7 is no different as you can literally program this camera in seconds from opening the camera.

     The camera is slightly larger than the average camera trap these days, but it is still small enough to easily conceal.  The case design itself is nearly flawless.  The buckles work well and the plastic shell is well-made.  The only knock we could find is the battery compartment lid is flimsy.  We especially like the holes in the back of the camera to fit a Python Cable Lock.  This will lock your camera to a tree.

     Being a new camera, it is too early to tell the durability, however, past Spypoint models have upheld quite well and in general, Spypoint has excellent quality control in their manufacturing process.

     Overall, the Spypoint IR-7 offers a very good value for the price.  The solid detection zone, great battery life, ease of operation and good day/night photos make this a camera we recommend for any wildlife scenario.  Since it is a red glow camera, we would not recommend it for security surveillance (you would want the Spypoint BF-7 for that).
IR-7 Sample Photos

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