Spypoint Pro-X Plus Review

spypoint pro-x trail camera review                                                        Quick Facts

                                                        • Price:                          $449.95
Trigger Time:               1.759 s
Recovery Time:            10 Seconds
Detection Range:          70 ft.
Detection Width:           Wide
Flash Range:                60 ft.
Battery Life:                 2-3 weeks
Battery Type:               6 AA
Memory Card:              SD Card

Pictures in Action

turkey picture from a spypoint
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spypoint game cameras pictures
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  • Easiest programming of any trail camera
  • Great day pictures
  • Wide detection zone
  • Great infrared range
  • Small, Compact Size (6.5" X 5")

  • Really blurry pictures of movement at night
  • Poor Battery Life

Best suited for:

          Any situation if you are looking for only daytime pictures.  I would not recommend it for a trail at night because of the blur.

          Spypoint is a trail camera company that is based out of Canada.  All the cameras are assembled in Canada from both domestic and foreign parts.  The Pro-X model is smaller than the IR-A, IR-B and IR-C.  The Pro-X is just slightly larger than a Bushnell Trophy Cam or Scoutguard trail camera.  It measures in at 6.5" X 5" making it easy to pack in and out of remote locations.

          The first thing you will notice when you start to use one of the Spypoint trail cams is how incredibly easy they are to program.  The Pro-X is a little different than its predecessors, the IR-A and the IR-B.  Programming is done by using an up-down-side buttons to program what you want on the large 3" viewing screen.

          The Spypoint Pro-X is a 12 Mpxl trail camera.  With a Mpxl rating this high, the pictures can take some time to download because of the size

          The Spypoint Pro-X produces high quality day pictures that are bright and clear.  The day pictures are perfect!  The night infrared pictures (with 48 infrared LED emitters) are very bright and the pictures are lit up very nicely.  Although, there are two problems with the night pictures;  1.  Close objects will be "whited out." 
However, I believe this is only because their IR Flash is so strong (can reach 60 ft. sometimes more)  2.  The shutter speed at night or in low light conditions can get as low as 1/7 of a second.  If the animal, or person, is moving at a moderate pace the object will be quite blurry. 

          The Pro-X also has audio with its video.  I have always liked this concept as it is something that not many companies have jumped on. 

          The trigger time on the Spypoint Camera Traps averages 1.8 seconds.  This is a pretty good trigger time.  The detection zone is wide, which helps in detecting animals as they come into view of the camera. 
In fact, it is directly in-line with the field of view of the camera (side to side). 

You can expect roughly 2-3 months out of a set of 6 AA batteries.  The battery life is much worse than what we expected.  The Pro-X draws a current for the entire period of time an animal is in front of the camera.  Even while not taking a picture.  This is a design flaw that Spypoint needs to look into.

          The detection of the Spypoint cameras (good trigger speed, wide detection zone, quick recovery) would allow it to be put on any situation.  However, the blurry night pictures (and the "white out") when there is movement is a concern.  It would make it hard to identify a person or to count the points on the antlers of a nice buck.  Here is an example of Rich walking in front of the camera at night, at a normal speed.

          You can securely lock the Spypoint trail cameras with a Python lock that wraps through the bracket on the back of the cameras.

          Overall, I really like the Spypoint cameras.  In fact, if they make the shutter speed faster at night, that would make Spypoint one of the best trail cams available for the money.  As it is now, I put Spypoint in the same category as the Scoutguard SG550 and the Bushnell Trophy Cam.  Spypoint takes higher quality day pictures than either the Trophy Cam or Scoutguard, is made in Canada, and has unbelievably easy programming.  The battery life is good, but not as good as the Scoutguard or Trophy Cam.  This is also a much larger camera than either of the other two cameras. 
I would highly recommend this camera trap.