Stealth Cam Core Review

     - Last update 10/22/12 - discontinued

Quick Facts

Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:
Detection Range:
Flash Range:
1.8 s
5 s
40 ft
15 ft
8 AA

Trailcampro Star Rating

2.1 Stars

Stealth Cam Core

  • Very quick recovery time
  • Good battery life
  • Slow trigger
  • Minimal detection range
  • Night pictures are dark, grainy and hardly discernible
  • Day pictures are out of focus and grainy
  • Camera setup is difficult and confusing
Trailcampro Analysis

    The Stealth Cam Core is a $100 red glow infrared trail camera.  This is Stealth Cams entry level trail camera.

Detection Circuit       2.2 Stars

    1.8 second trigger times are no longer considered average as they used to be.  The 5 second recovery time is impressive especially considering the price of the camera.

    The detection range on the camera is below average and the detection width is wider than the field of view resulting in many "empty" picture frames.  The detection zone overall, is well below average.

Picture Quality       1.0 Stars
     In the past, picture quality was one of Stealth Cams better qualities.  Any way we cut it, the Stealth Cam Core's picture quality is one of the worst we have ever tested.  While the day photos have good color, the camera is out of focus, blurry, and grainy.  These are not the worst day photos we have seen, but they are not far from it.

     The night photos aren't much better.  There is barely enough light to illuminate an object if it is in the center of the photo, 15 feet away.

     Review the photos carefully if you are considering purchasing this camera.

Battery Life    
  3.8 Stars
     The lone bright spot in this review is the battery life.  Besides a high resting current draw, the day and night draws are very small and would enable the camera to last a respectable time in the field (6-10 weeks).

Resting Current Draw
Day Current Draw
Night Current Draw
Duration of Photo
0.72 ma
54 ma
86 ma
4 s

s = seconds
ma = milliamps

     Nimh rechargeable batteries will not work with this product, therefore only alkaline or lithium will work.  Lithium will give you the longest battery life.

Ease of Use       1.3 Stars
     The camera itself is quite small, which is a positive, however the construction of the camera leaves much to be desired.  The plastic used on the case is fine, however the battery compartment does not hold the batteries in very well, the camera is not setup to enable a python lock to slip through the camera, and the camera only has one side latch instead of the normal (and more reliable) two latches.

     With most modern camera, setup is one of the least talked about aspects.  Most cameras are easy and user-friendly.  We couldn't remember the last time we had to crack a user manual to program the camera.  Programming the Core, reminded me of the old trail camera days where you needed a Masters Degree in Engineering to program a camera.  While the setup doesn't appear to be very complicated, the switches are confusing and counter-intuitive.  To say we got frustrating programming the camera would be a severe understatement.

     The durability of the camera has been a sticking point in the past.  We have had several models give us problems with functionality and performance in the past.

     There is no scenario that we would recommend this camera.  Even for an entry level camera trap, it sells for $100, there are way too many faults to view this as a viable option.  If you need an inexpensive camera trap in this price range, check out the Wildview X8IR, Primos Truth Cam 35 Ultra or Moultrie D55ir XT.
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