Stealth Cam Rogue IR

stealth came i540ir infrared digital trail camera picture

 Quick Facts

  •  Price:                            $129.95
  •  Trigger Time:                4 s
    Recovery Time:            60 s
    Detection Range:         60 ft.
    Detection Width:           Wide
    Flash Range:                45 ft.
    Battery Life:                   3-4 weeks
    Battery Type:                 8 C Cell
  •  Memory Card:
              SD Card

Pictures In Action

turkey picture taken with a stealth cam i540ir infrared digital game camera

deer picture from stealth cam i540ir game camera

whitetail deer picture from stealth i540ir scouting camera review

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  • Wide detection zone
  • Great Battery life
  • Decent night photos
  • Slow trigger and slow recovery time

Best thing about this trail camera

  • Superwide detection zone
Worst thing about this trail camera
  • Trigger speed and recovery time
Camera is best suited for:
Food plots and feeders

           The I540IR's domed PIR sensor gives the camera a wide detection zone, which makes it ideal for use in food plots and other open areas.  If there's a downside to the I540IR, its the the trigger and recovery time. However, you can't expect a fast camera for $130.

           As is the case with most Stealth Cam models, the camera is very easy to program.  In fact, the instructions are taped to the inside of the camera.  The I540IR takes 8 C cell batteries and will last roughly 1 month in the field.  As always, battery life depends on how many pictures the camera takes and also the temperature outside.

           This camera is perfect as a food plot/feeder camera.  It will take great pictures in areas that the animals don't move quickly.  The night pictures are also surprisingly good.  I would not hesitate in putting this camera on a food plot or feeder.  You just can't beat this camera for the price!