Stealth Cam prowler dvs game camera

Stealth Cam Prowler DVS 5.0 Mpxl


Quick Facts

Trigger Time
Recovery Time
4 seconds
60 seconds

Detection Range
Detection Width
Flash Range
70 ft.
Very Wide
60 ft.

Battery Life
Battery Type
Memory Card
1 month on average
6 C cell
SD card

Pictures in Action

picture of a coyote taken with stealth cam prowler trail camera stealth cam prowler scouting camera sample picture stealth cam prowler scouting camera sample photo
Click on picture to enlarge Click on picture to enlarge Click on picture to enlarge

  • Amazing night pictures
  • The best night video out there
  • Option for external battery jack

  • Slow trigger speed
  • 60 second recovery time

Best thing about this camera
  • Night video is incredible

Videos have been modified to load faster, the image quality is much better than appears here when enlarged.

Camera is best suited for:

Food plots and feeders 

          Having heard how good the Stealth Prowler video was, we were very excited to get it in the field and see what all the fuss was about.  We set it up on a mock scrape over-looking a food plot.  This would be a good comparison of the cameras.  If you have looked at our2008 Flash Range Test, you will notice that the Stealth Prowler has the best night pictures out off all the other cameras.  Knowing this, we expected the night videos to be equally as impressive.  We were not disappointed!  As you can see in the video above; the night videos are clear, have great depth, and are very smooth.  On the flip-side, the day videos were ok, but not as impressive as the Leaf River.  The other thing that was lacking from the cameras was audio, which is now available on all the Leaf River IR cameras.
          The trigger speed of the Stealth Prowler is around 4 seconds.  This really puts the camera at a disadvantage on trails and scrapes.  In our opinion, the camera will work best on food plots and feeders.  Having a super wide detection zone really helps the performance of this camera.  In fact, the detection zone is actually wider than the actual picture frame.  Meaning, it starts to detect an animal before it is even in view of the picture. 
          The battery life is very average.  Expect about 1 month on a set of batteries which was somewhat disappointing.  However, there is an external battery jack that you can hook up outside power sources to our even a solar panel for added battery life.
          In general, the Stealth Prowler has solid day pictures and videos, but it really stands out at night.  The night pictures and videos are the best we have ever seen.  However, in order for the camera to be effective
it must be used in either a food plot or feed setting.  The camera reacts to slow to be put on a game trail or other quick moving areas.