Stealth Cam Skout 7 Review

     - Last update 3/21/13

Quick Facts

Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:

Detection Range:

Flash Range:


0.370 s
9.9 s
50 ft
15 ft
8 AA
6" x 5" x 2.5"

Trailcampro Star Rating

2.3 Stars

Stealth Cam Skout 7

  • Very quick trigger speed
  • Solid recovery time
  • Night pictures are dark, grainy and hardly discernible
  • Day pictures are out of focus and blurry
Trailcampro Analysis

     The Stealth Cam Skout 7 is the company's latest $100 red glow infrared camera to hit the market.  They already have the Stealth Core in this price point, so what does the Skout 7 offer that the Core does not (or vice versa?  Here are the cliff notes: the Skout 7 has a quicker trigger speed, longer detection range, slightly better day photos and better case design/programming.  The Core is only superior in battery life.

Detection Circuit       2.7 Stars

     A trigger time of 0.370 seconds is outstanding and Stealth should be commended for using such a good trigger speed on an inexpensive camera.  The recovery time of 9.9 seconds is below average in today's market.

     The detection zone is wider than the field of view and consistently detects out to 50 ft.  Overall this is average.

Picture Quality       1.5 Stars
     While the day photos are slightly better than the Stealth Cam Core's, they are not very good overall.  The pictures are out of focus and produce a lot of blur with movement.

     The night photos are extremely limited.  Dark, grainy and almost useless unless the animal is right in the center of the photograph and within 10 ft.  The night photos are very disappointing.

Battery Life       2.0 Stars
     Once again, an extremely high resting current draw from the Skout 7 really shoots this camera in the foot before anything else is factored in.  On the resting current draw alone, this camera will not last long in the field.  The day and night draws are average at best.

Resting Current Draw
Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
2.82 ma
1128 ma
1188 ma

ma = milliamps

     We like that the camera uses 8 AA batteries.  You can utilize lithium batteries if you'd like to maximize the battery life capacity.  On average, this camera will last 3-4 weeks in the field with alkalines and approximately 2 months with lithium batteries.

Ease of Use      3.2 Stars
     The case design is simple and straight-forward.  The camera blends in well and the outer case construction is pretty solid.  The buttons on the inside are cheap and don't have the high quality feel of some other cameras on the market.

     Programming the camera is easy enough.  There are no tricks to master, what you see is what you get.  The Unit Ops does have time lapse capabilities.  The durability of this camera is unknown at this time.

     While the Skout 7 is not a camera that we would go out of our way to recommend, its overall value is what you would expect to see in a $100 camera.  There are plenty of areas this camera can improve on, but the trigger speed, recovery time and ease of use make this a worthwhile camera trap in this price range.

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