Wildgame Pulse 10 D Review

     Last update:  11/27/12

Quick Facts
Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:

Detection Range:

Flash Range:



1.792 s
32 s
40 ft
4 D
7" x 6" x 4"

Trailcampro Star Rating

2.0 Stars

Model:  Wildgame Pulse 10D  $169.95

  • Can do both infrared and incandescent flash
  • Decent detection zone
  • Internal picture viewer
  • Blurry day photos
  • Slow recovery time
  • Poor battery life
  • Poor case design
  • Red light flashes on every movement
Trailcampro Analysis

     The Wildgame Pulse 10D is a wifi capable game camera.  Being one of the only wifi cameras on the market would seem to be an advantage.  However, we found the functionality of the wifi to be extremely limited.

     To use the wifi, you must purchase the Wildgame Wifi Module and hook it to the top of the camera.  Then, connect the camera to your wireless wifi connection.  From here, you need to download the wifi application, from the Wildgame Innovation website, to your smart phone.  Once that is completed, the camera will send you pictures every time a picture from the camera is taken.  However, you will only receive pictures while you are connected to the same wifi signal.  In other words, you can't have the camera send you pictures once you leave that connection.  Most people want to be sent pictures of activity when they are not there, this camera will only send you pictures when you are there.  We don't see the value in this system.

     The other unique aspect of this camera is the ability to switch between infrared and incandescent flash.  This certainly has value and just requires a simple flip of the switch in the menu.

Detection Circuit       2.2 Stars

     The detection circuit is pretty typical of a Wildgame Innovations game camera.  The trigger is 1.792 seconds and the recovery time is a slow 32 seconds.

     The detection zone is narrow and goes out to 52 feet.   This detection circuit really limits the camera to feeders and bait stations.

Picture Quality    
  2.3 Stars

     While the day pictures have good brightness and color, that is offset by blurry day shots at the slightest movement.

     The night shots are average.  The infrared emitters are focused directly in the center of the image resulting in a solid 40 foot flash range, but not much illumination on the edges of the photo.

Battery Life    
  1.7 Stars

     The battery life on the Pulse 10D is very disappointing.  The resting current draw is double what most cameras are and while the day and night draws look good on paper, they are offset by a whopping 26 second duration of photo.

     In fact, the battery chart is somewhat unique.  Instead of having one "spike," it has two.  The second spike is a small output and is about 10 seconds after the first spike.  This is wasted time that could have been cut resulting in better battery life and a shorter recovery time.

Resting Current Draw
Day Current Draw
Night Current Draw
Duration of Photo
0.55 ma
167 ma
238 ma
26 s

s = seconds
ma = milliamps

     Operating on 4 D cell batteries, you can expect just under one month of operating time.  This camera will only work with alkaline batteries.

Ease of Use    
  2.0 Stars

     The menu setup of the camera is simple and easy to use.  It also has a small internal viewer which makes it easy to quickly view pictures the camera has taken.

     The case design is one of the worst on the market.  The camera is large and bulky.  The buttons to program the camera are flimsy and simply put, are low quality.  One of the most frustrating aspects of the camera is it comes with two tiny bungee cords to attach to a tree.  Not only are they too small, they simply aren't big enough to go around normal sized tree unless you stack them together.  Also, the camera is not compatible to the normal webbing strap most cameras come with.

     The durability of the camera has been enough of an issue in the past to point out now.  We have had several fail or refuse to respond while trying to perform various tests in the field.

     In conclusion, while evaluating this camera, there is simply not a situation that this camera would be valuable in.  While it would work on small food plots, feeders or bait stations, there are cameras that would do a better job for less money.  Also, the wifi capability may grab peoples attention at first, the functionality, in our opinion, is far too limited.
Pulse 10D Sample Photos

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