Wildview X5IR Review

Quick Facts

•  Price:                            $89.95
•  Trigger Time:               1.378 s
  Recovery Time:            60 s
  Detection Range:        45 ft.
  Detection Width:          Wide
  Flash Range:                40 ft.
  Battery Life:                  1 month
  Battery Type:                4 C batteries
•  Memory Card:
              SD Card

Pictures In Action

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  • Great daytime pictures
  • Easy programming
  • Good night infrared flash range
  • Wide detection zone
  • Surprisingly fast trigger speed of 1.378 seconds
  • Slow recovery time
  • Blurry night photos
Best thing about this camera

     The daytime pictures are excellent.

Trailcampro Analysis

     The Wildview Extreme 5 measures in at 7" x 5" x2" making it a medium sized camera.  There have been very few Wildview camera before that have impressed us, however, the Extreme 5 may just be the exception.

     The programming of the Extreme 5 is about as simple as it gets.  Set the date/time and flip a few switches and you will be ready to go.

     The detection circuit of the Extreme 5 is better then what you would expect from a $100 camera.  While the recovery time is 60 seconds (slow), the trigger speed is a surprisingly adequate 1.378 seconds.  The good trigger speed, combined with a wide detection zone; makes the Wildview Extreme 5's detection circuit best in class in the $100 price range.

     As you can see from the sample pictures above, the Extreme 5 takes excellent daytime pictures.  In fact, the color and clarity is so good we would put their pictures near the top of all trail cameras!  The night pictures are adequate (ranking 6th out of 30 cameras in the 2011 Flash Range Test) but, as you would expect, you do get some blur from movement at night.

     The Extreme 5 utilizes 4 C cell batteries and typical battery life would be right around 1 month, give or take a week.  You can improve the battery life by hooking the camera up to a 12 volt battery, preferably the Stealth Cam 12v battery box.

     Overall, we really like the Wildview Extreme 5 for the $100 price range.  In our opinion, this is the best value for $100 trail cameras.  If you need an inexpensive but useful game camera, this is the exact camera we would recommend.