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Cuddeback Long-Range IR C2

Cuddeback Long Range C2 Review

Model # C2  |  Cuddeback C2 Owners Manual

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  • Fast picture and recovery times
  • Great battery life


  • n/a

Trailcampro Analysis

Quality of Design     

 Dimensions: n/a  |  Battery Type:  8 AA Batteries  |  External Battery Jack:  6 Volt

This category is still being evaluated.

Detection Circuit     

Picture Trigger & Recovery Speed: 0.20 s. / 2.0 s.  |  Video Trigger & Recovery Speed:  1.88 s. / 5.1 s.  |  Detection Range:  60 ft.

Cuddeback has always had a fast trigger speed and now they can claim a fast recovery time as well.  0.20 second trigger speed when taking pictures and 2 seconds flat for recovery is outstanding.  The 1.88 second video taking trigger is fairly average but the 5 second recovery time for videos is very good.

The C2 was a real standout in our latest Detection Shootout.  The fast trigger and recovery pushed it to the 7th overall spot (out of 39 cameras).  The detection range was 60 ft., which is average by today's standards.

Picture Quality     

Photo resolution: 20 or 5 mpxl  |  Video Resolution: n/a  |  Flash Type:  Red Glow Infrared

We are in the process of placing cameras now for field testing.

Battery Life     

Resting Power (on):  4.14 mW  |  Daytime Power Consumption:  0.99 Ws|  Nighttime Power Consumption:  1.66 Ws

Day and night power consumptions are top of the food chain.  Resting power is a touch high, but overall these are great numbers.

The C2 operates on 8 AA batteries.  You can use alkaline or lithium batteries in this camera.

If this camera were to take 35 day pictures and 35 night pictures every 24 hour period, this camera would last 8 months in the field on a set of lithium batteries.

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