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Our Moultrie trail camera reviews combine comprehensive testing, hands-on research and expert analysis from trail camera professionals.  

Moultrie game cameras have undergone a redesign strengthening the gen 2 case, but making it slightly larger than previous versions.  In addition, users familiar with programming functions on older models will have to learn the new menus offered on current Moultrie game cameras.  Please find our in depth insight on each of our Moultrie trail cameras below.

Moultrie Panoramic P180i

Rated by TCP Experts: 73/100

Moultrie Panoramic P180i Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 73/100 - The P180i is a panoramic trail camera with 3 lenses to increase field-of-view and detection area to 180°. Picture detection is incredibly quick, but videos are very slow. Picture quality is...

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Moultrie M-999i

Rated by TCP Experts: 72/100

Moultrie M-999i Customer Reviews

TCP Rating: 72/100 - The M999i is a now glow IR trail camera with a 2" viewing screen that has 7+ month battery life, fast recovery, and a good trigger speed. Video detection is slow...


2017 Moultrie A-30i

Read the Moultrie A30i Game Camera Review to find out if the Moultrie A-30i is the right trailcam for you. This gamecam has a 0.61 s. trigger speed and 6.6-month battery life.

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2017 Moultrie M-40i

The 17' Moultrie M40i is a top Moultrie game camera this year. The 0.29 s. trigger speed is extremely fast and the M-40i game camera has 7.7-month battery life.

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