Stealth Cam Trail Cameras

Decades ago, long before digital trail cameras, Stealth Cam was one of the first companies to enter the trail camera market. Their 35mm film camera was one of the best-selling trail cameras of all time. Since then Stealth Cam has worked to improve their product offering every year but has really made tremendous progress in the last three years. Where they may have lagged behind previously, Stealth Cam is usually now in the top third of most test results. You could always count on Stealth Cams to produce great pictures.  Now you can expect those great photos to be accompanied by fast trigger speeds, quick recovery times & great battery life.

This year might be the best showing we’ve seen from Stealth Cam. The G45NG Pro received high marks from the TCP staff and even higher praise in our customer reviews. However, most of our anticipation centers around the new DS4K. Stealth Cam has designed this unit with a true, native 16 mpxl sensor for the ultimate daytime photos. A separate sensor optimized for infrared is dedicated to nighttime photos. Both photos and videos from the DS4K should be nothing short of amazing.

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 Stealth Cam Game Camera Comparison

There are a ton of Stealth Cam scouting cameras on the market and it is hard to properly review and identify all of them. We try to keep up with the most popular and highest performing Stealth game cameras. Let's compare all the Stealth Cam trail cameras we sell.

The Stealth G45NG is currently the highest rated Stealth game camera. This is a no glow model with great pictures. It doesn't have great battery life though..

The 2017 Stealth Cam scouting cameras are listed above. For information on Security Cameras be sure to read our page on How to Catch a Thief

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