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Used Spartan 4G ATT

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All used cameras come with manufacturer 1-year warranty but do not include our 2-year warranty or return policy. All sales final.

This is the new HCO Spartan 4G in AT&T. If you are familiar with HCO Spartan cameras, it is important to note the following changes:

  • This is a 4G camera and can only work on 4G/LTE towers. It does not work down to 3G towers, unfortunately. Please ensure you have 4G towers in your area before purchasing.
  • This camera is capable of taking and sending videos only if you sign up for HCO's Premium service. 
  • If you do not sign up for HCO's Premium service, this camera can only send photos to a single phone number or email.

Manufacturer Specifications 

  • No glow IR flash
  • 6-Volt External Battery Jack
  • Requires 12 AA Lithium Batteries
  • Accepts up to a 32 gig SD card
  • Only works on AT&T 4G Towers
  • Internal 2" picture viewer