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Browning PRO Security Case

This security case works on the Browning Strike Force PRO and the Browning Dark Ops Pro.

This security case does not work on any camera but the Browning Strike Force HD Pro and Dark Ops HD Pro. Unfortunately, it does not even work on the 2018 Browning Pro XD cameras.

This case has pre-drilled holes designed to easily slide your Python Cable Lock to secure to a tree.  If you plan on lag-bolting this case to a tree, we recommend the Master Lock Shrouded Lock to firmly secure your camera inside the security case.

To mount the case high in a tree, angled down, check out the Universal Security Case Swivel Bracket. It is the only angle mount that can hold the weight of the camera + security case.

Python Cable Lock Universal Swivel Bracket


There are holes drilled in the bottom of the case to drain water.  This well-built security case is made in America.



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