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Bushnell Solar Panel

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This solar panel is designed for your 6-volt Bushnell trail cameras. There are two cable options for this solar panel. One option comes with the cable to fit all of the new Bushnell Aggressor cameras including the Bushnell Aggressor Wireless. The other option fits all older Bushnell cameras. The Bushnell Solar Panel produces up to 8.5 volts of power which may not be compatible with other brands of cameras.  Please check with the manufacturer of your camera before connecting.

This Bushnell Aggressor Solar Panel is rock-solid at producing energy to power the Bushnell Aggressor Wireless.  The Solar Panel has a built-in battery, that is charged from the panel.  You do not need to buy a separate rechargeable battery for this, it already has the battery in the panel.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • 6-volt Solar Panel
  • Positive locking cable attachment points for camera and solar panel
  • Can charge with USB cable to your computer
  • Charge indicator on back of panel
  • Adjustable screw-in bracket included