Game Camera Solar Panel
HCO 6V Solar Panel w/ Battery
HCO 6V Solar Panel w/ Battery
HCO 6V Solar Panel w/ Battery
HCO 6V Solar Panel w/ Battery

HCO 6V Solar Panel w/ Battery

Discontinued Product

     This is a 6 volt solar panel with a built-in rechargeable battery.  It delivers 1700 mAh of battery power to your trail camera.

     Before putting it outside, you will need to charge the battery through your computer with the USB cable (it is included).  After the initial charge, sunlight will do the rest of the trick.

     Since this is a relatively small solar panel, plenty of sunlight is required for optimal performance.  This should work on any 6 volt camera and is a popular choice for the 6 volt cellular trail cameras. 

     If this panel is used on any camera brand other than HCO, Uway, Scoutguard or Covert, chances are you will need a different tip to fit in your particular camera.  You can go to your local electronic store, with the panel and the camera, and they can find the correct tip.  You may have to solder the tip to the cable.

     When using in a cellular trail camera, we still recommend to fill the camera with AA Lithium batteries and use the solar panel in conjunction with the Lithium batteries.  When used with the HCO Spartan cellular cameras, once you plug anything into the external battery jack, the camera will only draw from the external power (this solar panel).  Since this solar panel is relatively small, it works best on camera trap stations that get a small number of pictures per day (7-8 or less).

Manufacturer Specifications

  • 6 Volt mono-crystalline solar panel with built-in 1700 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Uses sun's energy to charge the built-in 1700 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Mounting hardware included