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2014 Browning Range Ops XR Review

     Discontinued model

Quick Facts
Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:
Detection Range:
Flash Range:
0.91 s
2.4 s
50 ft
40 ft
8 AA
5" x 4" x 2.75"

Bushnell Range Ops Review

  • Fast trigger & recovery time
  • Solid battery life
  • Case design is superb
  • Day pictures are sharp
  • Night pictures have a lot of graininess
  • Can only take 10 second videos at night
Trailcampro Analysis

     This is the second generation Browning Range Ops.  The 2014 model is titled Range Ops XR.
  When we first received the newest model, we didn't expect much to change, however, there are some significant differences from last years model to this years.

Detection Circuit
    The detection circuit remains the primary strength of the Range Ops XR.  The Range Ops trigger time is 0.91 seconds and it recovers in 2.4 seconds.

    In our standardized testing, the detection range of the Range Ops was 50 ft.  We have had it detect further, but not as consistently as it is at 50 ft.  The detection zone is nearly perfectly matched to the field of view.

Picture Quality
     Last years camera produced some of the best pictures we saw all year.  However, the early returns from the new Range Ops XR produced out of focus pictures.  A recent update seems to have fixed that nicely as evidenced by the photo below.  The pictures have very good clarity and the color looks sharp.

     We have noticed quite a few day pictures with blurry animals when there is movement.

     The nighttime pictures are showing up as below average as well.  In our 2014 Spring Flash Range Test, the Range Ops XR scored 10th out of the 12 red glow cameras.

     Please note that some of the photos on the right are still from last years cameras.  As we accumulate more from the Range Ops XR, we will replace them.

Video Quality

     Video quality on the Range Ops is what we would consider average.  Not overly impressive but it does the basic functions.

     Check out the video on the right for an example of video quality.

     You can set the video lengths in increments of 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds.  You can set longer videos of 1 or 2 minutes as well.

     Trigger speed in video mode is slower when in video mode.

Battery Life
      The 0.09 milliamp resting current draw is among the lowest we have ever tested.  The day and night power consumption is an improvement over last year.

Resting Current Draw
Daytime Power Consumption
Nighttime Power Consumption
0.09 ma
458 ma
637 ma

ma = milliamps

     Operating on 8 AA batteries (the camera does have an external 12v battery jack) we expect this camera to last about 2 - 2.5 months on nimh rechargeable batteries or 4-6 months on lithium batteries.

     The batteries are located in a removable tray.  One important note is that the tray is designed to "stick" before it pulls completely out.  This keeps the battery tray from falling out and hitting the ground expectantly when changing batteries.

Ease of Use
     The case design on the Range Ops XR was really well thought-out.  First off, the camera blends in exceptionally as it has grooved streaks on the front of the camera to mimic bark patterns.  The 1/4" x 20 threaded insert (on the bottom of the camera) is deeper than most we have used and it seems to be reinforced for more stability in a Slate River Mount or any other threaded swiveling system.

     The only issue we have with the case design is the latches being so tight.  To open or close the camera you have to squeeze the camera to get the latches to flip open or closed.

     The back of the camera has a built in bracket for both the nylon webbing strap that comes with the camera or a Python Cable Lock.

     Programming takes seconds and we have yet to look at an owners manual.  For those interested in time lapse, the Range Ops XR can go down to as little as 5 seconds or as much as 60 minutes.

     Durability has been hit and miss on the Range Ops XR the last year.  We have seen a few issues with the IR filter, but those have been few and far between.

     From handling the camera and inspecting the materials used
(buttons, seals, etc) on the Range Ops, we aren't concerned with any potential issue.  Browning does have a 1 year manufacturer warranty.  If you buy from us, we give you a free 2 year extended warranty - directly through us.

     Browning went from 3 cameras in 2013 to 5 in 2014.  There seems to be some redundancy in all the models.  For instance, the Range Ops XR, Recon Force XR and the Strike Force are all red glow cameras that for the most part - do the same thing.  The recent fix on the daytime pictures make this a value camera once again in 2014.  Fortunately, all of our current inventory is of the updated model.

Range Ops Sample Photos

(click to enlarge)

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