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Trailcampro's Top Rated Trail Camera                     4.5 Stars

Reconyx HC500
     Why do you need a HC500?   Simply put, this is the single most durable and reliable game camera we have ever tested. 

     We could go on and on about how this is the fastest camera trap on the market, or how long the battery life is.  However, the single most important thing you need to know is investing in a Reconyx HC500 will give you years and years of dividends.

     Buying a trail camera that is still made in the U.S.A. is nearly impossible these days.  We have sold thousands of Reconyx game cameras with virtually no returns on their products. 

     This is our top rated game camera.  We gave it 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars on our exclusive star rating system. 

New Product Showcase

HCO Spartan GoCams Cellular Trail Cameras
        The new HCO GoCam Cellular cameras have solved the tricky cellular trail camera setup problems. You can activate the sim card from the comfort of your home computer. By itself, this is a huge improvement over previous cellular trail cameras.

    Not only can you activate from your computer, you can stop the cellular service and restart with just the click of a button. Monthly rates start as low as $8.33 per month and go up to $30 per month depending on the plan you choose.  

     The HCO Spartan GoCams offer tremendous value as both a wildlife camera and also as a security trail camera.

     HCO has both Verizon and AT&T models, you can read the reviews and sort through the cameras here.  HCO Spartan GoCam Cellular Cameras

What's Hot Right Now? 

Browning Dark Ops HD
There is a lot to love in the Dark Ops HD from Browning.  Very few game cameras offer this kind of performance, for such a low price ($149.95). 

     Not only is this the smallest scouting camera on the market, but the Dark Ops takes great day and night photos and has a lightning fast detection circuit.

    This little trailcam operates on 6 AA batteries and blends into many outdoor settings.  Don't forget, we give you a 90 day return policy, 2 year warranty and a free 8 gig SD card on every camera purchased from us.

     If you are operating on a tight budget, but still require a quality camera, the Browning Dark Ops HD answers the bell.    Learn More

     "I want to personally welcome you to!  Our mission is to provide the most accurate, up-to-date game camera knowledge anywhere on earth!
     Our game camera reviews" will provide you with in-depth analysis of each scouting camera we sell.  We perform countless trail camera tests, both in the field and in our testing laboratory.

     We aren't an anonymous fly-by-night website, we are here to answer your questions whether by email or phone (1-800-791-0660).  We actually encourage you to call us!

     On top of the knowledge we want to pass on to you, we offer an Exclusive 2 Year Warranty if you purchase your trail cameras from us.  Add in our 90 Day Return Policy and we think you'll agree that we are your first and last stop to purchasing the PERFECT trail camera for your needs!"

                                                                                                            -Rich Howell       CEO/Owner 

Ask a Pro:  I'm a Wildlife Researcher studying small mammals in a rainforest on the other side of the planet.  I need something dependable and with good battery life.

    "There are a million va
riables with research projects, feel free to email us ( for a more customized recommendation.

     If you are going to need color night photos to ID specific animals (i.e. spots on a leopard), the Scoutguard SG565 will more than do the trick.  The picture quality is unmatched and the price will help keep you under budget.

     In infrared cameras, the Reconyx HC500 is the best in the business.  Fast, dependable, and with exceptional battery life.  It is everything a Wildlife Researcher needs!

     If the HC500 is too much money, the Browning Strike Force HD and the Moultrie M-880 Gen2 are great values."

    - John

Question #5:  I don't have a ton of money to spend, can I get a good camera for around $100?  

    "The trail camera industry offers a ton of cameras for around $100 bucks, unfortunately, they don't offer many quality cameras at that price.  Cameras at that price generally have a fatal flaw, whether it be battery life or terribly dark night pictures.

    It seems we mention the Browning Strike Force HD a lot this year but I think I'm going to go back to that well again.  It's $130 and it just nails it.  Great pictures, good flash range, fast detection and solid battery life.  That is WAY more than you should expect for that price.

    The Bushnell Trophy Cam (11-9636) is another good performer even if it costs slightly more $159.95.

    In short, can you get a good camera for around $100?  My honest answer is no.  However, if you can bump it to $130 or $160 the options are plentiful.

      - Nick

Ask a Pro:  What accessories do I need for my new camera?

     "The two basics that you need for any camera are batteries and a SD card.  I like to either use Nimh Rechargeable batteries or simple Energizer Lithiums

     Outside of the basics, you need to determine whether you need security devices to lock your camera up.  If you don't, a Slate River Angle Mount is perfect for every single setup.

     If you have any questions on additional items just give us a call.  We answer phones Mon - Fri (9-5 Central Time).

-  Brad

Trailcams & Coffee

Used Cameras | Save On Our Demo Models
     In this episode of Trailcams and Coffee, Brad and Nick explain how we sell out used cameras.

     Our demo cameras are a great way for you to save money.  Do these cameras have a warranty?  Do they still have packaging?  Scratches?  Watch to find out!

Demo Camera Sale
$16.00 - $950.00