Is This Trail Camera Fast?

Posted by Nick Hartman on

I guess this is good if you like super fast and super clear photos...?

The Browning Strike Force Pro continues to impress!

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Browning Spec Ops Extreme Video Quality

Posted by Nick Hartman on

The new Browning Spec Ops Extreme can shoot videos at 60 frames per second. If you want to know just how smooth that looks, check out these two videos.


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4 Factors to Rate Daytime Picture Quality

Posted by Nick Hartman on

In every game camera review I write, I talk about picture quality. It has to be one of the most important factors in a camera right? In my mind, four of the most crucial elements in picture quality (daytime) are depth, clarity, blur, and color.

Depth is kind of subjective. It's just a feel. Many of you have looked at tens of thousands of pictures, you know what depth is! If you haven't, then you'll just have to trust me here. Over my 10+ year career of writing these reviews, I've easily looked at a million or more pictures? Heck, I have no idea how many but I look at hundreds each day. Anyways, depth is hard to measure. It is similar to texture. I find that looking at pictures of turkeys about 30 ft. from the camera gives a good representation. Does each feather on the turkey look unique? Sunlight makes each feather glimmer a different way. 

Clarity can get screwed up by interpolation. You have no idea how much I hate that companies still do that. My crusade against interpolation hasn't gotten very far, but I'm going to keep plugging away!! Even with interpolation on nearly every model of camera these days, clarity is still readily apparent when you look at full-size images.

Blur is pretty obvious. If you look at a bunch of pictures and you see a lot of blur - that ain't good! This can obviously be affected by where you place your trail camera (heavy shade), but in general, you should always expect some blur, just not a lot.

Color comes back to experience. My good friend Herb sent me three pictures this week from three different cameras - all in the same location.Those three pictures are below (you can see the model number of the camera on the photo stamp at the bottom of the image).

Can't you see a huge difference in the three?

All three pictures are good! But, as you can see, color varies quite a bit from model to model. 

So now you know how we come up with daytime picture quality. Did you notice that we didn't mention megapixels a single time?

Rate picture quality from sample images from the field! Not what the company prints on the packaging!



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Trailcam Annotations

Posted by Nick Hartman on

I love these! Jim sent these in and says he sends them out throughout the year. Great idea!

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Looking For Feedback From You

Posted by Nick Hartman on

One of the minor issues I see on our trail camera reviews is that we have limited bandwidth that we can upload images too. In other words, we have thousands and thousands of pictures from most of the cameras but we can realistically only upload a dozen or so to the review pages. Otherwise, the pages would take way too long to load for you.

I have been toying with the idea of uploading the majority of the pictures to a service like Flickr and linking to it from each product page. With this, you could thumb through as many photos as you like and see photo quality on a much larger scale.

The downside to this is picture theft from other websites and companies. Our photos would then be available and they could (and will) steal them. 

How big of a benefit would this be to you? Do you have a Flickr account? Comment on this blog post if you have an opinion, I really appreciate feedback on this issue.

This would take a rather large amount of time to pull off and with limited hours in the day, we want to maximize our efficiency.

Let me know what you think! Here is an example of what it would look like on our Flickr album called the 2017 Browning Strike Force Pro.

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