Shopping for a cellular trail camera involves more than just a thorough assessment of available cameras.  Other things to consider are the mobile/desktop app and the best cellular trail camera data plan for your specific needs. We offer reviews of every mainstream cellular trail camera available.  In addition, we have also compiled a comprehensive list of available Cellular Trail Camera App Features to help you find the perfect cellular trail camera system for your specific needs.
     Below, we have a comparison of all manufacturer’s 2024 cellular trail camera data plans. Most companies offer similarly priced unlimited plans for a single camera. However, you will find some manufacturers offer savings for multiple cameras sharing data, and one company (Spypoint) offers a free cellular data plan for 100 photos/month or less. One of the biggest misconceptions is that your cellular trail camera must operate on the same network as your personal cell phone. Cellular plans are purchased directly through the camera manufacturer and operate independently of your personal cell phone. The single most important factor is to determine the network that has the best signal in the area you plan to place your camera and purchase a camera that operates on that network  - TCP Staff 


*Additional cameras may be added to the unlimited plan for just $9.99 each. HD image and video uploads are not included. The base cost for all other plans includes 1 camera.  Additional cameras may be added for $5/each up to the "Max # of Cameras" listed above. 

*For the On Demand Feature, you must purchase the Unlimited or Guide Pro subscription and 20 a month is available

*AI Tagging and Photo Colorization is available for the Guide Pro and Hunter Plus plan




*CelluCore live - 1 normal image = 0.1 MB, 1 HD image = 1.69 MB, 1 20-second video = 11.9 MB & 1 minute Live Stream = 2.23 MB


Muddy offers On-Demand Photos included with all plans. When adding additional cameras they offer saving on the unlimited monthly plan.

Muddy Cellular Trail Camera Data Plans


The monthly fee for each camera is $5 and includes 200 images. Any camera which captures more than 200 images in a single month must buy additional images at a price of $5/2000. These additional images can be shared by all cameras on a user's plan.  For $20/month per camera a user can get unlimited images with no charge for HD uploads or two-way communication.



Spartan offers 3 monthly plans with no commitment and discounted plans for commitments of 3, 6 & 12 months. All plans have the ability to share data between multiple cameras at a cost of $5 per each additional camera. Details are listed below.

Spartan Cellular Data Plans



Additionally, by joining the Insider's Plan, you can save an extra 20%. Spypoint offers a Full-HD Photo Package for $5/50 photos and a Full-HD Video Package for $5/20 videos.



Stealth Cam offers On-Demand Photos included with all plans. When adding additional cameras they offer saving on the unlimited monthly plan.



Tactacam offers a Xtra plan for $9 a month and it will cover all active cameras on your plan.  The Xtra add-on allows you to have Unlimited HD Photos, On-Demand Photos, and Multi-Shot Photos sent directly to your app. When adding additional cameras, Tactacam allows savings on their monthly plans. 

Ridgetec cameras undoubtedly offer the most programming options in the industry, but can be confusing at times.  Their cellular data plans are no different. Plans are structured based on chunks of data that can be shared among an unlimited number of cameras. The cost per each additional camera is $6/month. Estimated data use for images can be found below.  Data use for HD images and video can be better estimated here.