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Star Ranking
Flash Type
Trigger Speed
Recovery Time
Browning Dark Ops
  4.0 Stars
No Glow Infrared
0.74 s.
2.3 s.
Browning Strike Force
  4.1 Stars
Red Glow Infrared
0.75 s.
2.3 s.
Browning Range Ops XR
  3.9 Stars
Red Glow Infrared
0.91 s.
2.4 s.
Browning Recon Force XR
  4.0 Stars
Red Glow Infrared
0.86 s.
2.2 s.
Browning Spec Ops XR
  4.1 Stars
No Glow Infrared
0.70 s.
2.3 s.

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Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
Made in China

2 Perimeter Park South
Suit 305 E.
Birmingham, AL 35243

Manufacturer Phone Number: