2013 Moultrie M-880 Review

     -Last update 4/8/2013

Quick Facts
Trigger Speed:
Recovery Time:
Detection Range:
Flash Range:
0.88 s
2.6 s
60 ft.
70-80 ft.
8 AA
5" x 4" x 3"

Trailcampro Star Ranking

4.0 Stars

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  • Fast trigger
  • Wide detection zone
  • Great picture quality
  • Huge flash range
  • Somewhat high daytime power consumption
Trailcampro Analysis

     Writing a review typically involves laying out all the positives and negatives of a certain product.  Then the hard part takes place, weighing the positives vs. the negatives and deciding whether the camera matches, exceeds or comes short of its price.  This review is a little easier to write, Moultrie exceeds expectations and value for nearly every category we have.

     Feel free to read the rest of the review, but here are the cliff notes - the Moultrie M-880 is crazy good.  This camera acts and operates like a camera that should cost twice as much.

Detection Circuit       4.2 Stars
     The upgrade to the trigger and recovery times in the new Moultrie cameras can be noticed from a mile away.  The 0.88 second trigger time is fast enough to catch even the quickest animals. 

     Most impressive is the 2.6 second recovery time.  That is one of the fastest recovery times on the market.

     The detection zone is plenty wide and is at least as wide as the field of view.  We had multiple pictures where an animal had made it a foot into the field of view and the camera had already snapped its first photo.  This is perfect for even the fastest moving game trails.

     Moultrie rates the detection zone at 40 feet and they have said this is the range they feel confident the camera will detect 100% of the motion.  We have now done multiple tests and are confident that the actual detection zone is 60 ft.  It has even picked us up at 95 ft. sporadically, but not consistently. 

Picture Quality       4.1 Stars

     Many of our pictures were taken this last winter here in Southwest Missouri.  Snowy pictures can create over-exposure in cameras rather easily.  We experienced perfect snow pictures with no overexposure.

    Once things warmed up and the grass started "greening up," the pictures got much more colorful.  The color, contrast, lighting and clarity were all exactly what we are looking for.

     We are lucky enough to get plenty of feedback from our customers on the cameras they have purchased from us.  The best form of feedback is when they send us the pictures their new cameras have taken.

     To the left and below are just a few of them.

     Night pictures have plenty of flash range and are bright all the way across the left to the right of the picture.  If set to burst mode, the second and third pictures are brighter than the first and can create "white-out" on close objects.  The "Motion Freeze" setting (which was also on last years M-80) works as advertised.  The clearer you want the photo, the darker it will be.

     Overall, picture quality is outstanding in nearly every aspect.

Battery Life       3.2 Stars
     Battery life is always one of the most important factors in any trail camera.  The M-880's battery consumption is neither a pro nor a con.  The low resting current draw is offset somewhat by a high daytime power consumption.  The night consumption is slightly above average.

Resting Current Draw
Daytime Power Consumption
Nighttime Power Consumption
0.19 ma
1069 ma
1224 ma

ma = milliamps

  Overall, battery life is good enough to last 4-6 months on a set of Lithium batteries or 2 months on the Nimh Rechargeables.  Either way, the 8 AA batteries go a long enough way that battery life is not a concern.

Ease of Use        4.7 Stars
     I will take the case design of the M-880 all day long.  Small, compact, dependable, no obvious flaws and very easy to conceal.  Moultrie even includes two 1/4" x 20 threaded inserts, on on the back and one on the bottom, for the Slate River Game Camera Mount or a similar tripod/mount.

     The bracket on the back of the camera is designed to allow a Python Cable Lock to easily slide through and lock to a tree.  The entire battery case slides out of the camera allowing the user to easily change the batteries without removing the camera from the tree.

     There really isn't anything not to like on the case design, which is why it got a perfect 5 star rating.

     Programming is easy, intuitive and user-friendly in every aspect.  The user manual went unopened as every programming function was easy to find and change.

     You can watch the video to the left to see all the settings in the M-880.

     One important note is that the battery meter doesn't accurately calculate Lithium or Rechargeable batteries.  If you need a method to calculate the remaining life in a battery, get the ZTS Battery Tester.

     We say this over and over again (many people remember Moultrie cameras from 4-5 years ago and cringe), but recent Moultrie cameras are among our most durable models.  We hardly ever have a problem and our warranty rate is hovering at around 1%.

     It would be hard to find a more perfect camera for $159.  The value of the Moultrie M-880 is undeniable and is at the very top of its class.

     All Moultrie cameras come with the manufacturer one year warranty.  However, any camera purchased online, directly from us, comes with our free 2 Year Exclusive Warranty.  For the life of your camera, you will never have to deal directly with a manufacturer again.  Everything can be handled through us, with no delays.  Our exclusive warranty is only for our customers.  We even give you a sd card and ship to the lower 48 for free.  We are doing everything in our power to prove to you that you'd be crazy to purchase from anyone else.

Moultrie M880 Photos