Moultrie Reviews

      These are the current Moultrie Reviews.  Our reviews combine comprehensive testing, hands-on research and expert analysis from trail camera professionals.  If you ever have questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

Moultrie M-990i Gen2 Review
Moultrie M-880i Gen2 Review
Moultrie M-880 Gen2 Review
Moultrie m990 gen2 game camera review
moultrie m880i gen2 2015 review
2015 moultrie m880 gen2 trail camera review
M-990i Gen2 trail camera review.
Read the M-880i gen2 review.
The M-880 gen2 review is very informative.

3.6 Stars
3.7 Stars
3.6 Stars

Moultrie M-550 Gen2 Review

2015 moultrie m550 gen2 review

read the M-550 review from Moultrie.

2015 moultrie m550 game camera review

3.1 Stars

Star Ranking System
     Our star system is a combination of objective testing data and subjective analysis.  The cumulative score for each camera is based from four categories: detection circuit, picture quality, battery life and ease of use.

Objective Testing Data
     How a camera scores is based off of its recorded data.  There is no opinion or analysis, this is simply black and white.

     If a camera scores in the 90th percentile for trigger speeds, it is awarded 5 stars.  If the same camera scores in the 50th percentile for recovery time, it is awarded 2.5 stars.  Then, the camera scores in the 80th percentile for detection zones and gets 4 stars.  The combined star rating for detection circuit would be 3.8 stars.

Subjective Analysis
     How a camera scores is based off a combination of data, our opinion, experience and analysis of a camera.  This includes case designs, programming, picture quality, durability and more.

     While this is subjective, we are completely unbiased.  What we find is what we report.

Discontinued Moultrie Reviews

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