2016 Trail Camera Video Contest

To enter our Trailcam Video Contest, complete the following;

  1. Email info@trailcampro.com your raw, unedited video file. One entry per person. We do not accept Youtube links. Video needs to be from last 12 months.
  2. Include full name, state/country, phone number and trail camera used to take the video

You can submit a video from October 18th - November 1st.

We will select the Top 5 Videos based on unique animal behavior displayed and quality of video. Each of the winners will receive a free Browning Recon Force Platinum.

One lucky entry, chosen at random, will win a Browning Recon Force Platinum as well.


David Neils, Colorado

Gregg Simmonsen, Pennsylvannia

Herb Labus, Tennessee

Courtney Marneweck, South Africa

Frank Pallo, Pennsylvania

Roland Eidahl, Minnesota

Hugh Bevan, Alaska

John Wolfe, New York

Margaret Bowen, Virginia

Gary Brown, Oregon

Steve Runkel, Alabama

Steve Wilkie, Vermont

Anthony Hare, Texas

David Bowman, Nova Scotia

William Klunk

Anthony Fisher, California

Oscar Corral, Mexico

Jarrod Love, Ohio

Chris Read, Maine

Tashi Rapte Ghale, Nepal

Craig Kavajecz, Wisconsin

Tim Holt Sr., New York

Mario Chavez, Nicaragua

Gretel Frenzel, Nicaragua

Bruno Brack, Paraguay

Josh Calef, Oregon

J. Scott Cannon, Virginia

Hubert Potocnik, Slovenia

Todd Langlais, Rhode Island

Jake Drew, Wisconsin

Tony Naylor, Illinois

Dale Engelman, Pennsylvania

Josh Maragni, North Carolina

Adam Zorn, Ohio

Don Girskis, California

Clark Engelman, Pennsylvania

Leslie Patten, Wyoming

Clark Engelman, Pennsylvania

Kyle Hines, Missouri

Allen Kennedy

Cassie Love, Ohio

Danny Smith, New York

Ivan Angulo, Spain

Kelly Davidson, California

Sally Naser, Massachusetts

Troy Cooper, Thailand

Mary Bordi, California

Kevin Hull, Minnesota

Gene Wadzinski, Wisconsin

Linda Cutsforth, British Columbia

Del Ritter

Matthew Zuleger, Wisconsin

Janet Pesaturo, Massachusetts

Linda Cutsforth, British Columbia

Andrea Galizzi, Italy

Craig Winsor, Massachusetts

Josh Dalke, Wisconsin

Jesse Smith, Pennsylvania

Nathan Wenger, Virginia

John Lom, Minnesota

Gene Cox, Georgia

Steve Hughes, Pennsylvannia

Ron White, New Hampshire

Samuel Maria, Brazil

Lee Spainhower, Indiana

Samuel Maria, Brazil

Leander Branham, Massachusetts

David Shipman, Missouri

Douglas Michael, West Virginia

Eduardo Musto, Argentina

Ben Nuckolls, California

Thomas Koffel, Michigan

Stephen Baldwin, Indiana

George Parris, Iowa

Jason Lucas, Michigan

Douglas Tims, Idaho

Justin Gillis, Alberta

Massimo Vettorazzi, Italy

Gerald Teague, South Carolina

David Dennis, Pennsylvania

Paul Masur, British Columbia

James Gillis, Alberta

Stephanie Stefanski, Argentina

Mark Mendelis, New York

Robert Gruber, Wisconsin

Alessio Caccia, Switzerland

Gene Wensel, Iowa

Julie Richburg, Massachusetts

Lars Karstad, British Columbia


Thanks for viewing our game camera videos.