Trail Camera Selection Guide

     We understand that there are too many trail cameras to choose from and it gets confusing in a hurry.  In order to pick a trail camera for you, we will have you answer a series of questions on this trail camera selection guide and we will narrow down your options.

     At the end, we will present the scouting camera we believe is the best model for you.  Let's get started on your selection guide for game cameras.

What will you use the Trail camera for?

The three main categories are:

  1. Wildlife Camera - whether this means whitetail deer hunting, tiger research in Cambodia, or simple birdwatching.  If your main purpose to to take photos of animals, select this option below.
  2. Security Surveillance - You are specifically planning on using the camera to catch a human - while not being seen.  This could be for trespassers, business surveillance or watching your home while you are on vacation.
  3. Cellular Trail Camera - This could still be for wildlife pictures or security pictures.  Main thing that separates this option is that you are needing a camera that emails/texts trail camera pictures to you.

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