HC600 Ultimate Pkg

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Reconyx Hyperfire HC600 Ultimate Package 

The HC600 Ultimate Package includes all the essentials for securing your new Reconyx camera to a tree, plus, you will save time and money with rechargeable batteries.  As an added bonus, it has two SD cards (8 Gig in size) which will making switching cards a breeze.  Even better, you save $35 by buying the package over buying each item separately.

The Hyperfire Security case does an excellent job of protecting the camera from bears or intruders.  The Python Lock secures the case (and its contents) to the tree or post.  Together, they are the best bet against thieves.

Package Includes:

Reconyx HC600
  • American made
  • Fastest trigger speed on the market
  • Completely covert, no red glow
  • Uses 12 AA batteries
  • 1 year warranty
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Reconyx Hyperfire Security Case
  • Protects camera from bears and vandals
  • 16 gauge steel
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MasterLock Python Lock
  • 6 foot cable lock
  • Securely locks camera in the case and case to the tree
  • Cut resistant, lifetime guarantee
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(2) MaxFlash SD Cards
  • Fast storage rate
  • 8 Gigs of storage in each card
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MaxFlash SD Card Reader
  • Transfers images from sd card to your computer
  • Pocket sized
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Tenergy AA Nimh Rechargeable Batteries (12 pack)
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Batteries rated at 1,000 charges
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Tenergy TN160 Battery Charger
  • Charges 12 batteries at a time
  • Bright LCD charging screen
  • Works on AA or AAA batteries
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