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Completed Reviews
Star Ranking
Flash Type
Trigger Time
Recovery Time
Reconyx XR6
  4.1 Stars
No glow infrared
1.08 s.
3.4 s.
Reconyx HC600
  4.6 Stars
No glow infrared
0.20 s.
1 s.
Reconyx HC500
  4.7 Stars
Red glow infrared
0.19 s.
1 s.
Reconyx SC950 Cellular
  4.4 Stars
No glow infrared
0.25 s.
60+ s. (cellular)
Reconyx SC950
No glow infrared
0.18 s.
1 s.
Reconyx SM750
No glow infrared
0.18 s.
1 s.


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Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
Made in the U.S.A.

3828 Creekside Lane, Suite 2
Holmen, Wisconsin 54636

Manufacturer Phone Number:  866-493-6064

Please note:
Reconyx likes to handle their own returns.  They still apply to our 90 day return policy, however, if there is a warranty issue, Reconyx prefers you go directly to them so they can diagnose the problem.