HCO Scoutguard SG565

Scoutguard SG565 white flash trail camera review
Scoutguard SG565 white flash trail camera review
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HCO SG565 Flash Camera Manufacturer Specifications

     - 2015 Model # SG565

Photo Resolution
Video Resolution
Time Lapse Settings
8, 5, 3 mpxl
640 x 480

Photo Stamp
Hybrid Mode Temperature Range
Time and date
-4° to 140° F.

Field of View
Start/Stop Time
Password Protection

SD Card Overwrite
PIR Settings
Flash Settings
High, Normal, Low

External Battery Jack
Batteries Required
Owner's Manual
6 Volt
8 AA
HCO SG565 Owner's Manual

HCO Scoutguard SG565 Review

     - Last update 10/28/15

Quick Facts
 Picture Trigger Time:
 Video Trigger Time:
 Picture Recovery Time:
 Video Recovery Time:
 Detection Range:
 Flash Range:
 Battery Type:
1.31 s.
1.66 s.
5.0 s.
5.9 s.
90 ft.
50 ft.
8 AA
5.5" x 4" x 2.5"

  • Small, compact design
  • Excellent color day/night photos
  • Decent battery life
  • Wide detection zone
  • 90 ft detection range (improved in October 2012)


  • Clunking noise when taking a photo
  • Slow trigger speed

Trailcampro Star Rating

3.4 Stars

Trailcampro Analysis

     Every year it seems the options in the incandescent market seems to shrivel.  Most people are moving to infrared cameras.  However, there is still a rather sizable market for flash cameras because of their superior night pictures and ability to ID specific animals.

Detection Circuit       3.0 stars
     The 2015 SG565 triggers is 1.31 seconds, it recovers in 5 seconds.  This little camera is pretty slow and the detection circuit isn't built to wow anybody.

     The newest Scoutguard SG565's (8 mpxl versions) also increased their detection range to a whopping 90 ft.  Detection range can vary depending on ambient temperature, so expect that range to shrink on warmer days.  This makes for an incredible detection zone that is capable of covering a huge area.

Picture Quality    
  4.4 stars
     Day pictures are excellent with vivid color and excellent clarity.  We have collected (and been sent by our customers) a ton of incredible daytime pictures from the SG565.  These could quite possibly be the best daytime pictures on the market.

     The night flash is fairly good, reaching out 50 ft. consistently.  Since this is an incandescent camera, both day and night pictures are in color.  Objects close to the camera can "white out."  Ideally you would not want the camera within 10 ft. of the animals you want to photograph.  We have heard of some researchers that try to cover the flash to minimize its effect on close animals with marginal success.

     If set in video mode, the camera will only take video during the day since an incandescent camera can't "flash" enough to take a sustainable video at night.

Battery Life       3.0 stars
     The battery data is about what you would expect from an incandescent trail camera.  The day consumption and resting current are really good, the night consumption is extremely high and will account for the majority of the power consumption.

     You can expect 2-3 months of battery life from the Scoutguard SG565.

Resting Power (on)
Daytime Power Consumption Nighttime Power Consumption
1.26 mW
2.62 Ws
20.9 Ws

mW = Milliwatts
Ws = Watt Seconds

     We use Tenergy Nimh Rechargeable batteries in the SG565.  However, because of a relatively high cut-off voltage, they will not get as long of battery life as normal alkalines would.  For that reason, if charging the batteries every month to month and a half is not feasible for you, we recommend grabbing a set of the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries.  You can expect up to 6 months of life out of the lithiums.

Ease of Use       3.3 stars
     The Scoutguard SG565 is well-built, made of high quality material, comes in a completely sealed case (keeps the weather and humidity out) and camouflaged nicely. 

     The ease of use score gets knocked down a bit because you have to use a remote (comes with the camera) to program the SG565.  The remote does have a little viewing screen that can help in the initial setup process.  Also, the actual programming of the camera is simple and anyone can master it in seconds. 

     The SG565 makes a clunking noise every time the camera takes a photo.  We don't consider this as serious a problem as an infrared camera that does the same thing.  This is because you buy this camera for the color night pictures, which are produced from a bright, white incandescent flash.  If an animal or person is not scared off by that flash, a little clunk when it takes a photo isn't going to bother it either.

     The overall durability of the SG565 has been excellent with minimal returns and warranties.

     Overall, this is one of our favorite flash cameras of all time.  It is a solid all-around camera trap, and will work well for you whether you are using it to take color night photos or if you are trying to specifically ID different animals of the same species (i.e. big cat surveys).  This camera is an excellent value.

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