Trail Camera Selection Guide

By:  The TrailCamPro Staff

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      One of the most important decisions in the trail camera buying process is picking between Incandescent (Flash) Cameras and Infrared Cameras.  Obviously, the biggest question is do YOU think the flash spooks animals (or intruders)? 

Simulation of visual flash as seen by human eye...

Simulation of Incandescent Flash Simulation of Infrared Flash

      The other thing to think about is quality of night photos.  With an Incandescent Game Camera, night pictures will remain in color.  They also have improved clarity and resolution making the picture much clearer.  Infrared Trail Cameras are always black and white.  The picture quality also varies between camera brands and night conditions.  It is also important to take into consideration the range of the night flash of both cameras. 

Examples of Night Pictures

Incandescent Flash
Infrared Flash

Cuddeback Capture
Stealth Cam Archer's Choice

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