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Stealth Cam GX45NG
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stealth gx45ng review
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Stealth RX24 review, this is a red glow trail camera.
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Stealth Cam GX45NG Review

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3.8 Stars
3.1 Stars

Stealth Game Camera Reviews

    Stealth redesigned many of their trailcams for 2015.  In particular, the Stealth GX45NG saw noticeable improvement in trigger and recovery times.  The GX45NG also has a nice internal viewer, for looking at the pictures the camera has taken.

    Read the Stealth Cam Reviews above to help choose your Stealth Cam hunting camera.  Each Stealth review will feature pictures from that Stealth camera.  We include detection statistics, Stealth sample photos, battery information and field testing notes.

    If you are interested in a discontinued or previous model year Stealth, read any of the reviews below.

Discontinued Stealth Cam Reviews

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