Browning Spec Ops FHD

Read the trail camera review for the 15
Read the trail camera review for the 15BTC8 FHD full HD 1920 no glow trail cameras2015 Spec Ops HD can take a python cable.1920 HD video BTC-8 FHDSpec Ops FHD takes 8 aalithium batteries and up to a 32gb cardBrowning Spec Ops FHD nylon tree strap slate river game camera mount
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Browning Spec Ops FHD Manufacturer Specifications

     - 2015 Model # BTC-8FHD

Photo Resolution
Video Resolution
Time Lapse Settings
10, 8, 4, 2 mpxl
1-8 multi-shots
1920 x 1080 w/ audio
5/10/20/30/60/120 s.
5/10/20/30/60 s. to 2/5/10/30/60 min.
1/2/3 hr (am & pm) or
All Day (Sunrise to Sunset)

Photo Stamp
Hybrid Mode Temperature Range
Time, date, moon phase, temperature, barometric pressure and camera ID
-20 - 130° F.

Field of View
Start/Stop Time
Password Protection

SD Card Overwrite
PIR Settings
Flash Settings

External Battery Jack
Batteries Required
Owner's Manual
12 Volt
8 AA
Spec Ops FHD Owner's Manual

2015 Browning Spec Ops FHD Review

     - Last update 4/16/15

Quick Facts
 Picture Trigger Time:
 Video Trigger Time:
 Picture Recovery Time:
 Video Recovery Time:
 Detection Range:
 Flash Range:
 Battery Type:
0.76 s.
0.79 s.
2.4 s.
2.7 s.
8 AA
5.5" x 4.25" x 3"

  • Great video trigger speed
  • n/a
Trailcampro Star Ranking
Review in Progress

Trailcampro Analysis

    The 2015 Browning Spec Ops FHD has undergone some changes from 2014.  The 2015 model no longer has an internal viewer but it gained 1920 x 1080 video resolution along with a metal python/strap bracket on the back of the camera (you can view the back of the camera with the product photos at the top of this page).

    This review is still in progress, but we will share what we currently know.

Detection Circuit
     The picture trigger time isn't surprising but the video trigger time certainly is.  0.79 second video trigger is incredibly quick compared to all the other cameras out there.  The picture and video trigger speeds are both really quick as well.

     Detection range is still being tested.

Picture Quality
     We are in the process of placing cameras and collecting photos.

    The video quality is certainly living up to its billing so far.  Check out the full HD videos below.  The audio is clear and the video is crystal clear.  Extremely impressive.

Battery Life       3.0 Stars
     Resting Power is outstanding, 1.08 mW is barely a blip on the radar.  The Day and Night Power Consumption numbers are both considered high.  To last longer in the field, both these numbers need to decrease significantly. 

Resting Power (on)
Daytime Power Consumption
Nighttime Power Consumption
1.08 mW
6.52 Ws
9.53 Ws

mW = Milliwatts
Ws = Watt Seconds

     The camera operates on 8 AA batteries.  You will get the best performance out of your camera if you use Lithium batteries.  Alkaline batteries will work, but they are very unreliable and drain faster in cold weather.  The Spec Ops FHD will work with Tenergy Nimh Rechargeable batteries.

If this camera were to take 35 day pictures and 35 night pictures every 24 hours, this camera could last 5.5 months in the field (with lithiums).
Ease of Use
     We are still evaluating this category

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