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90 DAY

90-day Guarantee

You must love your new trail camera, or game camera or return it for a full refund in the first 90 days-no questions asked.


Double the Warranty

We double the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty to 2-full years and handle all warranties in-house on our trail cameras and game cameras.

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For additional Security Cameras also be sure to see our Stealth Cam Reviews and Stealth Cams. Also be sure to read our page on How to Catch a Thief.

Our Testing Process

Why get your next camera from us:

A note of caution – Please be wary of game cameras on sale or places advertising the cheapest trail camera. Oftentimes these items are several years old and have known issues. When you purchase a game camera at Trailcampro we'll back it up with our 90-Day Return Policy, 2-Year Warranty and live customer support. We guarantee you’ll love your new trail camera or we’ll buy it back. Additionally, all standard game camera purchases receive free 2-day shipping and a free Sandisk memory card.

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